Britney Spears makes fun of her sister Jamie’s book; That said

Britney Spears makes fun of her sister Jamie’s book;  That said

American singer, Britney Spears, Who was recently released from his father’s custody, subtly mocked his sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, Known for the lead role in this series “Joey 101” From Nickelodeon.

Jamie Lynn publishes the book

Two days ago, the pop star’s sister published a book entitled “Things I Need to Say” and thanked her with a message on her account. InstagramIn addition, he gave some details about what publishing addresses are.

With this in mind, fans Bob Princess, They criticized her for the title of her new book, as it immediately related to what happened within the Spears family this year.

Did Britney Spears tease you?

For its part, “Toxic” singer He was not too backward and subtly mocked his sister because in one of his last posts on Instagram, he promised to publish a book next year.

In addition, he said he did not know what to call him, so he asked his followers for help, but he gave them two options, the first being “shit, I don’t really know” and the second being “I really care what people think.”

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Fans will forgive Britney

Meanwhile, some of the 35 million followers Britney, Gave the pop star other options for the title of the book he plans to publish.

“Stronger than yesterday”, “Things my sister should not say” and “This is the story of a woman named Britney”, some suggestions from internet users.

In fact, fans of the singer “Work” They noticed that the message was directed at Jamie Lynn, and it was all indirect.

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It should be noted that Britney spent 13 years in the care of her father and was recently released fighting for her freedom.


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