Britney Spears responds to criticism for the bizarre videos she shares on Instagram

Britney Spears responds to criticism for the bizarre videos she shares on Instagram

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The Britney Spears posts on Instagram It is considered by many a Evidence that you will urgently need professional help Or, he will try to reach out to his fans, the same fans who support #FreeBritney movement, Let’s ask them for help because it will stay She is being held against her will in her home.

Conspiracy theories aside, the truth is that Videos and photos of the princess of pop The posts with his followers do not live up to the subtle aesthetics that other celebs adopt on social networks even when they pretend to be normal.

It is not strange to see Britney Spilled Or with mascara while showing her clothes to the camera or His exercises and the dances he improvised To the rhythm of J Balvin songs or his Ex Justin Timberlake.

specially Their dances, Which didn’t change much because it was one of the biggest Pop stars In the world, they are the most talked about people that she wanted to stand up for, explaining that she had never tried to set up high-quality professional production in which she seemed perfect.

“I’m trying to learn how to use new technologies within this generation of digital natives … but to be completely honest with you, I can’t stand them,” he admitted now on the same platform.

“So if my posts aren’t perfect … well, I’m only doing it for fun! If you thought I should look like they do on a magazine cover while dancing, I’m sorry, but it just won’t happen.”

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In the same line it was pronounced a few months ago They are the new Sam Asghari In response to a comment on Britney’s account alleging that the artist’s behavior was “intimidating” her.

“What’s wrong with being the biggest star in the world being herself (funny, humble and original) without caring what other people think?” Poisonous.

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