Brock Lesnar, New WWE Champion: WWE Day 1 results

Brock Lesnar, New WWE Champion: WWE Day 1 results

The first day of 2022 saw the arrival of the first pay-per-view of WWE with ‘day 1, which served as preparation for the coronation Brock Lesnar, who went from having no competitor to winning the belt.

A few hours before the start of activities, a program WWE announce it Roman times can not defend world championship In view of lesnar Because he tested positive for the coronavirus, so the monster was included in the fight for his mace big.

Already in the star, Brock Lesnar Show his strength to beat competitors of prestige Seth RollinsAnd Bobby Lashley s Kevin OwensAnd

Lashley get in trouble lesnar He almost won, but chased away UFC Revamped and F5 applied to it big He managed to count to three to get his belt.

‘Man’, a lot of pieces

for this part, Becky Lynch He knew how to solve a complicated confrontation before Liv Morgan, who dominated the events with a large number of throws and keys that pushed a queen raw.

All it takes is a moment of distraction Morgan Why lynch Swipe her against the cloth to lay her on her back, counting to three.

Edge of Domina A Miz

In the rivalry that has grown in recent weeks, edge I got the best part about defeat Featurewho went out with Mary’s The Ring in Atlanta.

The singer distracted her husband, but everything changed when he showed up Beth Phoenix, R-class Superstar consort, catch your eye Feature, who was punished and hit with a spear.

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They keep the hero pairs

In pairs clashes championships Smackdown s raw There were no surprises, okay?”Osos“, Jimmy Way Jay Bend over Kofi Kingston s King Woods To keep the branded blue belts.

On the “red” side, the duo RK-BRO Made by Randy Orton s Matt Riddle They showed their status as kings of dispatch Montez Ford s Angelo Dawkins.

Other results

With a Claymore kick, Drew McIntyre got rid of Madcap Moss, while in the competition that opened the show, Sheamus and Holland Ridge defeated Ricochet and Cesaro.

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