‘Bukele Dictator’: Citizens’ resistance movement says during protest against violation of constitution

‘Bukele Dictator’: Citizens’ resistance movement says during protest against violation of constitution

Citizens focused on erecting the constitution and urged Salvadorans to defend democracy.

This Sunday, a citizen protest was organized against the arbitrary actions of the government, such as the violation of the Constitution of the Republic by the appointment of the Constitutional Chamber, the imposition of the Attorney-General, Rodolfo Delgado, the lack of transparency, the lack of justification of dismissals in the state, the laws suspended by the body of representatives of the new ideas and the silencing of the voices of the families of the disappeared .

The Citizens’ Resistance Movement, which includes more than 10 civil society associations, spoke out before President Neb Bokhel’s two-year term, after a blow to the constitution and judiciary.

“Since there is no longer a courtroom, there is no prosecutor, they have protected themselves, and no one can declare this unconstitutional, so as of May 1, we have become a dictatorship, and that was a blow to the Constitution, a blow to the law. And because it is a blow to the law. , we must protest, we Salvadorans have been paralyzed, in a way, we Salvadorans believe that others are going to do to us, what we have to do. Part of the movement, said Miguel Fortin Magana, “We have to start by pretending, and start by saying what is True, Bukele is a dictator.”

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Fortín Magaña called on citizens to demonstrate and defend democracy, “If the average citizen does not agree with Bukele, he has nothing to back him, anyone can be arrested, anyone can be killed, they are gone, and now they are no longer anyone. He will be able to say any Thing “.

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Ruben Zamora, who attended the protest and spoke about the situation in the country, said that El Salvador is going through, “the worst political crisis in the 21st century, civil society has to play a role because the constitution commands it, the constitutional article says that one of the three political obligations of citizens is to obey and observe the constitution, We have to defend the constitution.” “We don’t care if she’s from the right or the left or from one gender or another, if she wants to defend democracy and the republic is here,” said Zamora of the Organization for the Defense of Democracy.

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Zamora criticized the mismanagement of relations with the United States and described the situation as nonsense by the government.

“Fighting with the United States is the greatest stupidity that can exist, because a third of our population lives there, and it is constitutional duty to defend it and how would you defend it if it lived with the country’s government, and secondly North American investment and tourism would come with a lawsuit between the two governments. And the foreign investment that exists. Here, I know four North American companies that have already put their investments on hold for the next year. Nobody likes working in a country where the government insults the government you come from. It’s ridiculous, and it’s going to be too dangerous for the government to forget that this will fix it,” said the former ambassador to the United States. China”.

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The former diplomat reminded the government that those occupying the judiciary are not legitimate, “Neither the attorney general nor the existing constitutional chamber are legal, they are rapists and this is a crime that has been constitutionally raped and is more serious, these Zamora warned gentlemen who take care of themselves because they go to prison on the day they lose.

The focus was also attended by the representative of higher education, Father Andrew Oliva, rector of Jose Simeon Cañas Central American University (UCA), who warned citizens that Bukele is lying by declaring himself an emissary of God. Oliva also urged the government to respect the constitution, the rule of law and the basic rights of citizens.

“The president has been deceiving the population since he started his political career, and since then he has built a story in which he presents himself as something new and different in Salvadoran politics, As the emissary of God who comes to save the people, in this way he is manipulating the faith of the people and lying to the population, so how can an envoy of God fuel the hatred between brothers and sisters, how is that possible? Oliva stressed that an envoy wants to destroy those he considers his political enemies, so how can an envoy of God have such arrogant attitudes and despise those who think differently from him and despise the common people as well.”

Oliva stressed that the violation of the constitution on May 1 was done to cover up government corruption, and to continue deceiving the population. “In two years, he had many corruption cases and we don’t know how much they were stolen, but we know it’s a lot. The same centers that were jointly organized with the government discovered 12 cases of corruption in the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture, it was clearly established that they will appear, the only way they will not They bring it out by changing the Prosecutor of the Republic, so that no one knows the great theft that has taken place in the country. ”

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At the rally at the Constitution Monument, participants concluded the event by calling on residents to demonstrate for the corruption of the current government and for Salvadorans to defend democracy.

“Many of those who said they could participate in this cause (pretend), but did not do so by means and indifference, because we think that it does not affect us, we think that we do not eat the Constitution, and it is important that the President come to destroy all that we have done, if they give us a dish Of food.Fortín Magaña urged that the rightful person is the majority, and when we are really faced with so many people who do not see the danger, it is our duty to make them aware of it.

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