By abusing Botox, Sabrina Sabrock loses some of her facial movement

By abusing Botox, Sabrina Sabrock loses some of her facial movement

Sabrina Sabrock is not ashamed to say that she has undergone more than 50 surgeries. In fact, she has earned the curious “title” of being the celebrity with the biggest breasts in the world, and she has undergone several procedures to achieve this.

Last year, he was injected with Botox on his lips and face in the United States where he currently resides, and began to experience the discomfort of raising the alarm bell. For this reason, he returned to Mexico to urgently consult his plastic surgeon.

“In my face, I put a lot of Botox; Lots of filler on the lips. It went all over my face and I couldn’t smile properly. I feel like pulling “, he said on the show” An Nuevo Dia “from Telemundo. Very complex analysis. “

The results of that analysis indicated that his suspicions were not misplaced: “They told me I had a stroke on the right side due to both Botox and Filling.” “I have to go where they are going to do ultrasound, laser and so on. They also gave me muscle relaxants and I had to shake my face a lot and do facial exercises, ”he said of his future.

But beyond this painful situation, Sabrok did not regret spending most of his life in the operating room. “I got what I wanted: to look at me artificially like a toy,” he justified. “I worked as a music teacher and they never thought they had to do anything for my body. Then, when I started as a star and started working in television, everything changed to make money to pay for surgeries,” he later said. .

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“I’m lucky to have the best plastic surgeon,” Sabrina wrote on Instagram.

In keeping with her style, she agreed to deliver a message to those who criticize her for the surgery: “For those who do not want to do anything and, as they say, want to age with dignity, the truth is, you have to age on a budget. ”

He also took his time to criticize personalities who were not responsible for the surgical procedures they performed: “It is absurd for them to say that nothing has been done, when it is bad, that it is hypocritical. I say this because people know that I do not care what they think. As long as I am happy with my body, I look young, my husband likes me, others are not important to me. I challenge the girls in the middle to admit their surgeries and not fail to want to steal a few years later.

The actress, in fact, plans to make a new touch-up using her stay in Mexico. “I like to do many procedures including lifting my face. I’m interested in doing liposuction to be very skinny. This is my 53rd surgery and whatever comes to mind, ” he said.

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