Caleb Dressel broke the world record in 100 butterflies and won gold

Caleb Dressel broke the world record in 100 butterflies and won gold

After Michael Phelps retired, everyone pointed to Caleb Tresle as a newcomer to swimming, however, doubts began to arise as Australia, China, Hungary and other countries leveled the situation in swimming.

Undoubtedly, one of the most anticipated events of the night was the 100-meter butterfly, where the eyes were precisely on the Hungarian swimmer Christoph Milak and American Caleb Dressel.

Nonetheless, Dressel does not want more than any doubt that America is still the greatest power in swimming, Friday night, July 30th, Saturday morning, July 31st in Tokyo.

Three and it is not over yet

Caleb Dresl still has a chance to look for another gold medal because he will have a 50m free test tomorrow, advancing to the final, which can only be avoided with a surprise tonight in the semifinals.

Dressel is known as the new man of America in swimming, and began to compare himself to Michael Phelps, who also filled the 24-year-old boy with compliments.

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