Calero was declared champion of the Super Basketball Tournament in Santo Domingo Este

Calero was declared champion of the Super Basketball Tournament in Santo Domingo Este

Calero club was declared champion of the inaugural Super Basketball Tournament of the municipality of Santo Domingo Este on Thursday, whose official stage was the sports center of the Invivienda sector.

Calero beat Pueblo Nuevo 85-78 in the final, in an unprecedented final series, as both teams are neighbors of Villa Duarte’s sector and led by champion Miguel Reyes (Moreno), of La Francia, and Santos Tolentino, of La Francia. Pueblo Nuevo.

Calero dominated the final round 2-0 by sweeping, agreed 3-2, and won the Santo Domingo Este Cup in the 20-year tournament dedicated to the founding of Santo Domingo Este and organized the Eastern Basketball League (LBO), headed by Amaury Peña.

Reinforcements Richard Bautista led Calero’s attack with 24 points, on his second night followed by 20 or more, after 28 of Wednesday’s victory, 80-79, decided by two free throws. 52 points tied for an average of 26.0 points per game.

His outstanding work led him to be named Best Player in the Final Series, by the Specialized Basketball Press that covered LBO’s final events.

Bautista added five rebounds and four assists, Hansel Salvador (Kikima) scored 17 points and six assists, Juan Bautista Araujo 14 and nine rebounds, and Juan Duran 10 and five sacks.

For Pueblo Nuevo, Jacel Perez scored 32 points and six rebounds, and Ezequiel Perez made 22 baskets and 12 ball captures for a double goal.

Andres Liberato speaking

Calero Club President Andres Liberato expressed his satisfaction at being named the Super Basketball Championship champion in Santo Domingo Este, and thanked its organizers for the efforts made to hold the event at a high technical level.

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“This was the joint effort of the players and coaches to achieve the goal we reached tonight (Thursday) and to win the champion title,” the veteran coach said.

“I dedicate this tournament to my friend and comrade Alfonso Hurtado, who died last week of a heart attack and was the club’s general secretary and my 40-year-old partner,” he said.

This is for you, Fonso, wherever you are, my brother!

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