Campazzo reaches another European final with Real Madrid: his resurrection and the search for the 27th title in his career

Campazzo reaches another European final with Real Madrid: his resurrection and the search for the 27th title in his career
Facundo Campazzo during the EuroLeague semi-final match against Olympiacos. Real Madrid agrees to hold a new final (Reuters/Annegret Hales)

Back to be again. To be the protagonist and happy again. in her essence. In his place in the world. Or somewhere else in the world. One of them is Alta Cordoba, Argentina. And the other Madrid. And the riyal. Facundo Campazzo He doesn't feel like he failed in the NBA. Because he actually didn't fail. He went and tried and played and learned.

He did not play as much as he wanted, and he did not stay in that “other world” as much as he would have liked. But he left his mark, his most notable moments, and his moments. This NBA, so vertical, so offensive, with so much need for point guards to score and make 3-pointers, was not what it was made for.. They didn't give him the ball or the minutes. To corner, to shoot, almost like a penalty.

That's why I had to come back. To Europe. To FIBA ​​basketball. To the White House. So, after a stop in Belgrade, it was the Serbian basketball game that kept him coming back. Real needed him, and he was Real. Couldn't find a better place. The most important club in the world, also in basketball. And they are together Vaco As an engine, they did it again.

real madrid He came to him Final Seven In the last 11 versions of EuroLeague This Sunday, starting at three in the afternoon (on DSports), he will seek to obtain the fourth title in that period and the second in a row after the 2023 title.

Real Madrid beat Olympiacos in the EuroLeague semi-finals with Facundo Campazzo starting (Reuters/Fabrizio Bench)

This Friday is over Olympiacos With a score of 87 to 76 after gaining a difference of 25 points, and then withstood the Greek attack. Campazzo was essentialWith six assists, Real Madrid emerged with a score of 28-10 after the first quarter. He finished the game with nine assists, five rebounds and two steals. He was valuable in only taking three shots at the rim. Defense, leadership and leadership for the Argentine.

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FC7 He comes off the back of winning his third MVP award this season in Spain, as well as being named to the EuroLeague's All-Star Five. Now, who has a career-best 10, he will be gunning for a 27th title. Real madness. The same dominance we see with Real Madrid, who were champions last year – as in 2018 and 2015, for example – and who have been in control for a decade and a half.

They will both be looking for more before PanathinaikosAnother Greek giant who was defeated Fenerbahce Turkish, first thing in the morning. Another final Vaco. In riyal. To emphasize that there is life after the NBA. And how beautiful life is.

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