Campazzo’s competitor is decided in the playoffs

Campazzo’s competitor is decided in the playoffs

For most of the season NBA Been avoided Los Angeles Lakers In the chronicles it is mentioned. The “disrespect” towards the hero was not due to hatred or preference for others, but due to Angelino’s low regression through the normal stage due to injuries, Especially his stars, LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

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However, the champion was struggling to try to avoid playing (competition from 7 to 10 of each conference leaves the last two rankings from each playoff match) And this Sunday he could seal a pass in sixth place if he beat New Orleans, Already with LBJ (he returned after an ankle problem after six away matches; he played two of the last 24) and Usher (penalty kick due to hip discomfort), who beat Indiana 122-115 on Saturday.

Davis and James played again in the Lakers vs.  Indiana Saturday (AFP)

Davis and James played again in the Lakers vs. Indiana Saturday (AFP)

If the Lakers finish sixth, there is a good chance they will face Denver (it will be third or fourth in the West) in the first playoff round., Since the 104-91 victory over Detroit)Facundo Campazzo Rested) and knockdown surprise Los Angeles Clippers, 122-115 vs. Houston, the last in the west, the Nuggets are now in third place, as they would reserve it if they defeated Portland (would take it seventh).

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What is the problem facing the Lakers? If we know that they are the last champ and come back to having LeBron and Davis, that is not enough. The statistic shows that Denver has lost two of its three matches against the Angels in the season. It’s not the perfect contender to start with, even if it’s local. The other team among the potential competitors is Dallas, with whom Denver also plays. Against the Blazers 2-0.

All this will start setting Sunday, with a whopping 15 days out of 14. Those with the aforementioned definition in the West start at 10 pm. Portland Denver, Oklahoma (latest season from Gabrielle Dick) – No Clippers, Dallas Minnesota and New Orleans – No Lakers. Utah would finish first (of the entire league) if they beat Sacramento or lost Phoenix to San Antonio; If not, then the Suns would be the leaders.

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In the east it will be Philadelphia. Brooklyn and Milwaukee vie for second place.

Or will it be the Lillard Blazers?  (French Press Agency).

Or will it be the Lillard Blazers? (French Press Agency).

How is the gameplay played?

This Sunday, the 12 teams (six per conference) that will go to the qualifiers will be completed. The other four will come out of play.

This match is played as follows: The seventh receives the eighth, and whoever wins advances to the postseason. The loser in that transit then receives the winner in 9 (home) in exchange. The tenth And the person who achieved victory is classified as well. The four matches last from Monday to Wednesday.

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NBA standings



Last date for the regular phase

New York vs Boston 14.00 ESPN

Toronto vs Indiana 14.00 DirecTV

Washington vs Charlotte 14.00

San Antonio vs Phoenix 15.00

Golden State 16.30 vs Memphis ESPN

Atlanta vs Houston 20.00 DirecTV

Brooklyn vs Cleveland 20.00

Philadelphia vs Orlando 20.00

Detroit vs Miami 21.00 DirecTV

Chicago vs Milwaukee 22.00

Minnesota vs Dallas 22.00

New Orleans vs Los Angeles Lakers 22.00

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Oklahoma City Thunder v Los Angeles Clippers 22.00

Portland vs Denver 22.00

Sacramento vs Utah 22.00 DirecTV

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