Can Honduras score more players for the remainder of the Gold Cup after suffering several injuries? – ten

Can Honduras score more players for the remainder of the Gold Cup after suffering several injuries?  – ten

The Honduras national team I was hit hard before and during the development of gold cup, It has already added six victims for various reasons.

After this string of injuries due to injury in the Honduran squad, there are many questions being asked on social networks, and one of them is: Can Honduras score more players for the remainder of the Gold Cup?

Although the number of footballers is reduced, Fabián Coito’s Bicolor will not be able to include more players, since the regulations of Concacaf are very clear.

What are the provisions of the CONCACAF regulations?

According to the regulations of the Gold Cup in Article 10.4. A shortlisted player can only be substituted during competition in the event of a serious injury, up to a maximum 24 hours Before the start of his team’s first match in the group stage, he must be removed from the provisional list. . This also includes the teams qualified from the Preliminary Gold Cup to the group stage.

Substitution must be approved in writing by Concacaf or Medical Committee After receiving and accepting a detailed written medical evaluation with a valid doctor’s stamp or letterhead in one of the four official CONCACAF languages. CONCACAF or the Medical Committee will approve the request if the injury is serious enough to prevent the player from participating in the competition.

After approval, the Assembly will immediately designate a replacement and inform the CONCACAF Secretariat in this regard. The substitute player must be assigned the jersey number of the injured player he is replacing.

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Mexico asked for CONCACAF and it didn’t work

The Mexican Football Association insisted with CONCACAF to compensate the loss of the injured Herving “Chucky” Lozano, But the Confederation that organizes the Gold Cup gave a resounding rejection, depending on the tournament regulations.

CONCACAF has adhered to the Gold Cup regulations, whereby a player who is injured may not be substituted after the start of the competition.

The Aztec team debuted at that time against the Trinidad and Tobago, The situation that left him out of any request to replace the player.

Honduras could have replaced playing in the current Gold Cup

The Honduran national team has used the mentioned regulations on two occasions: In the case of Ever Alvarado, but this was hit before Bicolor traveled and debuted in competition. In his place was called Marcelo Santos.

There was also a case Michel Chirinos, who was injured before Honduras’ premiere against Granada and Franklin Flores had to be called in in case of emergency.

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