Canolo Alvarez lost to Dmitry Pivol and snatched his immaculate crown

Canolo Alvarez lost to Dmitry Pivol and snatched his immaculate crown

Canelo Alvarez unanimously decided against Dmitry Pivol of Russia. (AP Photo / John Locher)

Canelo Alvarez He found the limit of a heavenly ascent that seemed eternal. Dmitry Bivol Understood all the resources of the Mexican Multi-Champion. The saddest night came for Canelow after 12 rounds dominated by Biol, which resulted in a unanimous decision with three generous scorecards of 115-113. Until the last moment, the ghost of the judges haunted the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, but in the end Canolo succeeded in confirming the bitter test he had to endure forever on his record.

Unlike other competitors that have shrunk with the environment, Biol showed coolness from the start. His boxing was elegant and athletic. Canelo went for the power shots that knocked out the 168-pound giants, regardless of size difference. But Pivol and his jaw told a different story today. The Mexican used his best performance, using the right surface as a compass, but could not disturb a robot rival, could not draw gestures on his face, and he had the answer to every puzzle.

The undisputed champion of the Super Middleweights could not find the soft zones of Pivolin, who kept his feet refreshed during the twelve rounds. Alvarez’s frantic attempt was countered by a barrage of punches from Dmitry Pivol. The Russians had more perseverance than any other competitor who had troubled Sal Alvarez, such as Janet Kolovkin, Erisland Laura and Miguel Angel Cotto.

Every Bivol strike was a drama. Light Heavyweight Carnelow took on inherent dangers, and today he felt the punch of his rival, which made him a real possibility to reel him out and knock out. It had not happened to Alvarez for twelve years, at the same place and at the age of 20, he made his debut in Las Vegas and was on the edge of the abyss against Jose Miguel Cotto.

The consensus decision did justice to Bivol’s precision and weak boxing, he came off as a solid champion and now, with this amazing win, opposes the pound table to pound today. The two fighters opened the door for a rematch, which would certainly be a delicacy in terms of promotion and sales, having been absent from this first fight in previous months. Janet Kolovkin and the trio can wait once or say goodbye. It is clear that Alvarez’s mentality will lead him to revenge with Pivol.

If the defeat to Floyd Mayweather in 2013 had turned Canelo Alvarez into a monster, today’s defeat, against a sensible but powerful rival, would have abruptly halted his dominance and he would have to regain it with a blow. If Biol loses today, Canello Alvarez’s opponents will not let him down. But he won and he did it because he was a top fighter, making nine successful defenses for the crown he won in 2016.

Álvarez follower was undeniably king at 168 pounds, but could not beat his second light heavyweight belt.  (AP Photo / John Locher)

Alvarez will continue to be the undisputed champion at 168 pounds, but he failed to win a second light heavyweight belt. (AP Photo / John Locher)

That is the boxing and high performance game. The best have to fight the best. The more competition you have the more you will win. Probably no discipline punishes failure, in which the records speak for themselves, but now Canelo faces another lofty challenge: tackle this difficult fall and regain the number one spot. He already did that when he was beaten by Floyd Mayweather Jr. in September 2013.

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In the long run, it becomes clear that it will always have opponents. It is not possible to keep all the fans happy as far as Canello is concerned. But his legacy already belongs to the highest standards. Going to Light Heavyweight was insane, he stopped Sergei Koval in 11 rounds three years ago, but today his sky is the limit: Dmitry Pivol, will be remembered forever from today. Canello lost to a rival, but no one doubted it: his golden age was still a long way off.

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