Carmelo Anthony made it to the list of top ten scorers in NBA history in a duel of the Blazers against the Hawks.

Carmelo Anthony made it to the list of top ten scorers in NBA history in a duel of the Blazers against the Hawks.

By triple Carmelo Anthony, From Portland Trail Blazers, climbed to 10th in the NBA’s all-time scorers’ list after leaving Elvin Hayes at the back.

With 11:09 to play in the second period of the game against the Atlanta Hawks, Anthony cut himself to the right side and shot the 3 pointer and foul. After he performed a signature three-finger slap motion on the side of his head, Anthony raised his arms to acknowledge his achievement.

This was his third hat-trick in the first half to add 12 points. As the match against the Hawks approached, Anthony was nine points behind Hays with 27,313 points.

“When that happens, I’ll be more aware of that,” Anthony told ESPN a few days ago. “This is something that I have never thought of. When you are young, you look at the list and say, ‘Hell, does this and this point have so many points? I could never do anything like this.

Moses Malone He is next on the list with 27,409 points, a number that could be reached this season if Anthony maintains his current scoring pace.

Anthony’s journey to the top ten on the list has context, having walked away from the NBA for a season after being cut by the Houston Rockets after just 10 games at the start of the 2018-2019 season. Anthony continued his training and signed with the Trailblazers in November 2019 and started all 58 of his matches last season. He agreed to play on the bench this season with Portland and entered Monday’s match with an average of 13.6 points as the sixth man.

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Anthony, who was named 10 times in the All-Star Game, is in his 18th season in the NBA. He won the NBA’s top scorer title with the New York Knicks in the 2012-13 season with an average of 28.7 points and spent 10 consecutive seasons in the top ten scorers and finished second in the top scorer title twice in that period.

Anthony’s point distribution is 13,970 in eight seasons with the Denver Nuggets, 10,186 in seven seasons with the Knicks, 1261 in one season with the Oklahoma City Thunder, 134 with the Rockets and pre-match against Atlanta, 1740 in two seasons. .

This season, Anthony left Tim Duncan behind, Dominic WilkinsAnd Oscar Robertson W. Hakim Aliwan On the list of goalscorers.

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