Celebrity House: They wanted it! This was Gisela’s exclusion from the reality show Telemundo (VIDEO)

Celebrity House: They wanted it!  This was Gisela’s exclusion from the reality show Telemundo (VIDEO)

After fans crowded trying to get it Gisela Abumrad from famous houseThe messages calling for his departure are finally heard, because tonight the controversial artist becomes the eleventh co-star to leave the property.

Before wrapping up last week, the group of celebrities who are still on the reality show cast their votes and decided to GiselaShe, like Christina Eustace and Manelik Gonzalez, will be one of the doomed women at risk of leaving broadcasts.

However, through social networks, a movement has arisen by thousands of followers who have expressed their annoyance with their dissatisfaction with the show, where they stated, the production famous house He had an obvious favoritism for the aforementioned comedian.

Now, viewers reveal that directing Aboumrad that’s fair. In addition, they highlight that the reason they voted for the writer is not related to bullying or physical matters, but that she herself made it clear that she “doesn’t deserve to live in that hell.”

On the other hand, the show’s audience posted the line ‘OUT GG’ on Twitter as a sign of disapproval Gisela Because of the position he took in the previous days, when he tried to conquer himself by gaining weight and declared his love for actor Pablo Montero.

This was Gisela’s elimination from La Casa de los Famosos

The first of the three finalists to go to the show’s final was Mane, a former Acapulco Shore vacationer who instantly won the hearts of the audience and established herself as one of the nominees.

After that, the crowd’s eyes were on Gisela, who turned out to be the member exclusion The moment the driver Hector Sandarte mentioned his name.

“Congratulations my friend. I am proud of you. The famous woman said to her opponent before leaving the show: No hair will fall from our head if it is not by the will of God.

The translator’s ending gave the flag to the final part of the broadcast, the grand finale with open voting to choose the first or the winner of the The house of the famous.

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