CEMEX restaurants, bars and cafeterias will reopen in Havana. the prices …

CEMEX restaurants, bars and cafeterias will reopen in Havana.  the prices …

State-owned CEMEX announced Friday that it will reopen many restaurants, bars and cafeterias in Havana. This is undoubtedly news that residents of the Cuban capital are expecting, after the long lockdown caused by the pandemic.

CIMEX has mentioned on its Facebook account several gastronomic sites that will resume their service to the public. They are Casa del Queso, in San Ignacio, Amargura corner; Café del Oriente on Calle Oficios; Sloppy Joe’s bar, located in the corner of Ánimas Zulueta; and High Standard Cafeteria La Barca, with the address on the corner of Avenida del Puerto with Obispo.

Supply difficulties in Cuba led the authorities to ration products such as oil and chicken by book. That is why it is so vague to know which institutions their imminent opening will be able to sell. There is also not enough wheat flour, given the precarious sale of released bread and the absence of sweets.

Postponement of reopening

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the closure of most gastronomic centers not only in Havana, but throughout the country. Added to the hygienic measures the massive shortage of products. Throughout that period, some government restaurants and cafeterias were limited to providing lunch and meal delivery services.

As of October last year, after the worst moment Cuba experienced with tens of thousands of patients and numerous deaths, this type of institution began to reopen. However, CIMEX dependencies have maintained very limited activity.

The announced restart takes place in the context of a protracted crisis, with accelerated inflation driving up prices every day. We will have to wait for the food and drink offerings and, above all, how much it will cost.

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The most pessimistic would expect that the damned MLC got her elitist nose up at Cemex’s restaurants and cafeterias. But of course, Cubans do not want to continue to receive such surprises.

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