Chaco Jimenez argues with a Trey fan about his son's performance

Chaco Jimenez argues with a Trey fan about his son's performance

Frustration due to elimination Mexican national team In the Copa America, he is at his best, and was one of the footballers most criticized and judged by El Tri fans. Santiago Jimenezthe striker of the team in the tournament who was unable to score with the national representative, but despite that, his father defended him Christian Jimenez.

The famous Chacko gave his opinion about his son in his role as K Fox SportsAlthough his reviews have been in and out of his work, a video of a Mexican fan recently went viral where the former footballer was seen in a discussion with a fan in the middle of the stands after a match for Mexico at the moment. America's Cup.

The user has been Kickster8 Who posted this article on his account tik tok, After the team led by Jaime Lozano lost 0-1 to Venezuela At Sophie's Stadium in Los Angeles, where Chacko allegedly interceded after hearing slogans about Bebot.

In the pictures, the commentator and the coach initially appear pointing their finger at a fan wearing a green T-shirt. Cuauhtemoc BlancoThat's why another man wearing a Henry Martin shirt stands between them to protect his friend.

After a few seconds, the tension seems to have eased a bit, because although they both continue to argue very closely, they also shake hands in between exchanging words. The recording cuts off at the wife Shako He appears between the two when addressing the fan.

This was Chaco Giménez discussing with a Tri fan

After last Wednesday's defeat against Vinotinto, statements Christian Jimenez Talk about a little support that Jaime Lozano He gave Shakito his decisions in Mexican national teamHe criticized his removal near the beginning of the second half.

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And after these comments Santiago Jimenez I played the whole game against Ecuador He was unable to score against this opponent either, as his shot hit the post and he wasted other scoring opportunities.

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