Chaco questions Jaime Lozano's support for Santiago Jimenez at El Tre

Chaco questions Jaime Lozano's support for Santiago Jimenez at El Tre

Criticisms Santiago Jimenez As forward from Mexican national team But they are stronger than ever after the defeat to Venezuela. Christian “Chaco” JimenezNot comfortable with the treatment Jaime LozanoDT del Tre, gave it to his son during the current Copa America.

During his participation as an analyst in Fox SportsSo that his descendants can register with him, Chacko noted Mexico Producing as he does with Feyenoord requires feeling full support from his strategy, which is why he was against changing it in the second half.

“What I feel is that in order to get the best version of Santi, you need the trust of your coach, your team. Santi is a 23-year-old boy who absorbs everything.” National selection It is clear that a lot is required of him and that is normal. “I do not say one thing for another, I can be a father, but I can also be an analyst and I was also a player, if you have the confidence of the coach your performance will be different.”

Jimenez confirmed this Jimmy Lozano He praised his son in press conferences, but did not reciprocate his decisions in… tripartite, Although he also admitted that 'Bebote' did not produce one of his best performances against Vinotinto.

“I think he didn't have a bad game, but he didn't have a good game either. He's not at his level. He had a goal and he had to score it, and usually a No. 9 in the national team has to do that.” He recorded it and that was the difference Rondon He scored the goal and Santi didn't score it… but I have to say something else too, in the end Santi Jimenez “It needs to be supported by actions, not words.”

Does Jaime Lozano support Santiago Jimenez at El Tri?

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The former coach and player also revealed his feelings about… Abundancewhen indicated that it is not aligned Santi Jimenez Out of true conviction, ever since ShakoHis son is not liked by the national coach at all.

“I must say that too. (Santi Jimenez) This does not suit Jimmy's taste very much. I think there is a problem that makes him do it more out of obligation than pleasure. He does not finish the minutes, and in the end that is the case.”

Jimenez started this Wednesday against Venezuela He came on as a substitute in the 60th minute to be replaced by Guillermo MartinezWho, like Santi, was unable to score with the Aztecs. Coming off the bench, the Feyenoord striker showed his anger in the team's dressing room by throwing a drink.

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