ChatGPT helped someone win the lottery. Could it be true?

ChatGPT helped someone win the lottery.  Could it be true?

A taiwanese man claims he used chat To generate the numbers that helped you win the lottery.

Patawykorn Bunrin became viral recently after that Share the details on TikTok, how he used a chatbot developed by OpenAI to generate the numbers he used to play the lottery and win. Their strategy includes entering some what-if questions, as well as some previous winning numbers as a ChatGPT query, according to musible.

The winning numbers for the Bonrin drawing were 57, 27, 29 and 99, and he won 2,000 THB ($59 USD). Although the reward was not great, he said to one local publishing I have used this strategy to generate lottery numbers in the past. He added that ChatGPT told him not to “comment” on the method, pointing out that winning the lottery was a matter of luck, and also suggested he go out and get some exercise.

Boonrin plans to share more about his experience using ChatGPT to generate lottery numbers. on TikTok. Certainly, he will attract more attention if he scores a bigger win. However, this can bring lottery companies into the ongoing conversation about ChatGPT ethics.

There have been different opinions about the ethics and issues related to ChatGPT since its inception in November 2022. Institutions such as colleges and universities have banned the use of AI chatbots, on the grounds that it can increase plagiarism and cheating on campus. Meanwhile, many industries have embraced the service, including journalism, communications, art, and technology, among others.

However, the implementation was not without madness. Publications using AI to create articles have been found to silently publish pieces with inaccurate information, supposedly humanoid artwork is missing limbs and figures, and the GPT language model used by other companies has become dishonest when released to the public.

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There’s no telling what problems could arise if more people tried to use ChatGPT as a way to generate lottery numbers, especially if people wanted an ego boost in sharing online how they got their winnings.

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