Chavismo pursued the Zamoro due to overcrowding at waste sites

Chavismo pursued the Zamoro due to overcrowding at waste sites

Jose Lorca. Image courtesy

The Venezuelan regime launched a plan consisting of hunting and relocating vultures, known in the country as Zamoros, due to the increase in solid waste transportation sites, Chavista Portfolio Ecosocialismo reported.

A press release explained that the plan began at an open-air station located in Caracas, where garbage collectors temporarily dump waste, to begin “controlling the Zamorro population” in this area where there has been a “significant increase.” In these carrion birds.

Zamoro in captivity. Image courtesy

Chavista official Jose Lorca said the place had gone from receiving 1,200 tons of garbage a day in January to nearly 2,100 tons in recent weeks.

“This indicates the country's economic recovery, but also the efforts we have to intensify to continue ensuring the health of our population,” he stressed.

He added that to hunt eagles, teams specialized in “biodiversity” “dismantle the nests,” as well as place cages and nets in the area, and then “transfer the samples” to the zoo in the capital.

Zamoro. Image courtesy

He explained that in the end, “these Zamoros will be released in appropriate places.”

Lorca did not talk about how long it would take to develop this plan, nor how many vultures they expect to catch or whether they will apply this methodology at other stations for temporary use of solid waste storage.

With information from EFE

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