Chelsea have announced a deal to sell the team to Dodgers co-owner Todd Bohley

Chelsea have announced a deal to sell the team to Dodgers co-owner Todd Bohley

In a statement, the London Club announced that Clearlake Capital, Mark Walter and Hanssorg Wise had agreed to sell to the participating federation.

Group headed by co-owner of Los Angeles Dodgers, Todd BohleyAnd support Clearlake CapitalWins attempt to acquire English Premier League team, ChelseaIn a contract that reaches 4.25 billion pounds ($ 5.25 billion)The team announced today, Friday.

“The Chelsea Football Club The new owners at the helm can confirm that the terms for the board have been agreed Todd Bohley, Clearlake Capital, Mark Walter Y Hansborg Vice, Get the club, “the group said in a statement.” Of the total investment, 2.5 billion will be used to buy the club’s shares and its proceeds will be deposited in a disabled UK bank account. As Roman Abramovich affirmed with the purpose of United is to donate 100 per cent to charities. Transfer of money from a frozen bank account requires the approval of the UK Government.

“In addition, the new owners will make an additional investment of £ 1.75bn for the benefit of the club, which includes Stamford Bridge, the Academy, the Women’s Team, Kingsmeadow and the Foundation’s current funding. Chelsea.

“The sale is expected to be completed by the end of May, subject to all required regulatory approvals. Further details will be provided by that time.”

Sources said ESPN Led team last week Boehly Had jumped ahead in the buying race Chelsea After British billionaire Sir Jim Radcliffe was selected as the preferred bidder from the highest bidder at the last minute.

Russian owner Roman Abramovich, now subject to British government sanctions, sold the London club in early March following his country’s invasion of Ukraine.

On Thursday, Abramovich clarified the way for the acquisition after denying reports that he wanted to repay a 1.5 billion ($ 1.85 billion) loan to the club.

Group of BoehlyThis includes Swiss billionaires Hansborg Vice And British real estate investor Jonathan GoldsteinRadcliffe was in exclusive talks to buy the club after his late offer was rejected.

The teams, led by Boston Celtics co-owner Stephen Pacliuca and former British Airways chairman Martin Proton, were previously cut from the sales process, while Chicago Cups owners were a consortium led by the Rickets family. He withdrew from the match.

Reuters information was used to write this note.

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