Chicharito Hernandez 'becomes addicted' to a Chivas fan

Chicharito Hernandez 'becomes addicted' to a Chivas fan

after Chivas was beaten by Cruz Azul In court Aztec Stadium, Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez I “clung” to a red and white fan, which was intense angry For his team's results and his promotion to Kings periodicals What did the imam do?

What happened between a Chivas fan and Chicharito?

Through your account Instagram, Hernandez Balcazar He posted a picture inviting all his followers to watch the duel between them Olympo United – Your team – and Persian Clubshared by the user @John_Potrillo It is used to express his feelings

“We lost 3-0 to Azteca to the sons of Amy, and you have the audacity to say that. We have 3 classic chicha no chingu“.

Chicharito replied

This comment was answered by “14” of Holy flock, Who assured him in a long text that defeat before the heavens also hurts him, even though he had made that clear before Footballer that it human being, Something he hopes the entire country understands.

“I hope our country can understand that We are human beings before we are football players. We are the first to live and feel the pain of defeat. We are the first to always want to win and avoid any defeat. But life goes on. This does not take any responsibility from us. on the contrary. It requires us more.

In addition, Chicharito He assured the Rojiblancos fans that he would continue to “give everything” so that Chivas could continue to add points, in addition to calling on them not to think of footballers as… Heroes also the wicked.

“When we win, we have fun, learn, and keep going. When we lose, we accept the painful learning and keep going.” We cannot be asked to enjoy human life only when we are victorious We suffer from it when we lose. We should not be labeled as heroes if we win and villains if we lose. “We will continue to give everything to continue striving to win every match.”

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