Chico Perez takes second place in the Italian Grand Prix after intense battles on the track

Chico Perez takes second place in the Italian Grand Prix after intense battles on the track

The Mexican stuck out his elbows and passed Ferrari and Mercedes to reach the podium at Monza

Czech Perez She shone in Italian Grand Prix Coming back from fifth place and finishing second at the Temple of Speed.

The Mexican started the race well, maintaining fifth place and avoiding problems George Russell And think about the race that engine sling He will end up prevailing.

On lap 4, with DRS enabled, Chico came close George RussellBut he was unable to overtake the British, even though he was two tenths behind the pilot Mercedes.

Fighting with Russell for fourth place left them both 2.5 seconds off the leader. At the start of lap 11, Perez was close to overtaking the Briton by attacking from the outside, but the European defended his position well, putting half a car in front.

On lap 16, the man from Guadalajara attacked on the inside and managed to gain position. With fourth place in the group, the Mexican had to focus on catching the leader who was four seconds away.

Czech Perez He started to spin in clean air and the gap went from 3.6 seconds to 2.5 seconds in two laps. one of Jalisco He turned in a time of 1:27.011, while Leclerc did the same with a time of 1:27.698, putting him closer to more than five-tenths a lap.

For session 20 Ferrari I looked for undermining with Carlos SainzWhich prompted Chico to jump to third place and think about it Charles Leclerc. However, Monaco and Max Verstappen They were called to the pits and the Mexican jumped to the race lead for just one lap as he entered the pits and was back in seventh place.

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His return to the track occurred behind my pilot Ferrari, who became involved in the struggle for position. Given this, Chico had to wait for his chance and stay behind Leclerc. The Mexican’s gaze was fixed on the pilots of the bucking horse.

Chico fought an intense battle with Leclerc and on the 32nd lap he was able to overtake him, as he started deceptively from the outside, but he made a quick change and started from the inside and was able to occupy third place.

With 19 laps to go, Sainz chose, so he began to chip away at the Spaniard who had 2.5 seconds, and with 15 laps to go the lead dropped to 1.5 seconds. The Czechs got a DRS shot Carlos Sainz On lap 39. The possibility of a new 1-2 result for Red Bull looms in favor of the Austrian team.

Sergio finished the race with a tough fight with Carlos Sainz. However, the Spaniard lowered the curtains, causing the Mexican to do extra laps.

The Mexican did not achieve the long-awaited pass until lap 46. From Parabolica the man from Guadalajara worked and despite this Carlos Sainz Try to close the gap, and the RB19 was faster. Chico positioned the car properly inside and took over.

Chico quickly pulled away from Sainz, taking second place and with it a new double podium 1-2 for those from Milton Keynes. Thus, he achieved a new emotional boost after several races in which he was unable to exceed third place.

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