Chilean basketball prepares for a comeback

Chilean basketball prepares for a comeback

In the National Basketball Association Fingers intertwine so as not to change the return date. The competition should be back this weekend. The use of potential responds, of course, to the fact that a pandemic may alter plans, a risk that the organization chooses to reduce, but cannot fully control.

“We are ready to return on May 8 and 9, and we hope that the health situation in the country this week will remain stable until the return takes place,” the executive director of LNBArturo Vivirus, excited that the authorities are confirming permission to resume activities.

In the league, the results of the prevention campaign they developed to prevent the emergence of infection. Last week they did not register positives and since February the rate of positivity is 1.39% in 2,594 taken, an argument they consider critical to the resumption of activities. “The clubs have done their part and the medical team has strengthened the health protocols that have allowed us to be the first indoor sport to be played again in the event of a pandemic. We think the rest period in April was worth it to protect everyone’s health and thus be able to play again,” adds Viveros.

Due to the delay, the format has already been changed: the regular stage will be played through conferences, which made it possible to reduce matches from 32 to 20, the qualifiers will be held in the same way and at the final national level the champions will face each other. From both groups. As for the Chilean Cup, the idea is to keep planning and play the fourth final between May 22 and 23.

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Another photo of the duel between Puente Alto and the University of Concepcion. (Photo: LNB)

LNB implemented a tough protocol to prevent infection and, ultimately, to ensure a safe return to Chilean basketball. “The most important thing is to minimize the risk of outbreaks emerging in teams, and that is to keep health protocols at the highest stringent and teams continue to make efforts to test them with PCR on a regular basis and that players and staff maintain maximum measures in their homes. And between their relationships to reduce the risks, “explains Doctor Cesar Kalazic, in charge of the medical committee. Kalazich is also part of the same process in professional football.

The professional adds regarding containment measures that must be necessary in the event of an injury to a member of the teams, and has been able to contain, isolate and prevent an outbreak of the disease, and in this way we avoid suspending matches and maintain the continuity of the league. Continue to implement it.

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