‘Chile’s claim is not going to prosper’, Peruvian sports legal expert points out about Byron Castillo case in FIFA | Football | Sports

‘Chile’s claim is not going to prosper’, Peruvian sports legal expert points out about Byron Castillo case in FIFA |  Football |  Sports

Chile’s complaint to FIFA that the citizenship of Ecuadorian national team player Byron Castillo’s citizenship has not been successful because it is beyond their respective deadlines. To challenge the results.

Garcia was consulted by the press in his country after FIFA called on the Peruvian federation to “provide positions” on the action taken by the Araucanians.

“I think it will not prosper. Chile presents a complaint that the possibility of challenging a decision has already been exhausted. , You have hours (less) to ask for a decision in Spain and in Argentina, for example, it’s two days; in most countries it is three to five days, which is a very short period of time, from where you can no longer claim, ”the lawyer said.

“This is a case (Byrne Castillo), which is very complicated because there is an investigation into the intervention of local authorities and Ecuador has sometimes objected that he is a Colombian, but it is public. In the background, it ends before Ecuador’s civil registry and the Ecuadorian Federation. Both were skeptical of nationality, “Garcia said in an interview with the show. Mixed zone From MovieStar game From Peru.

Garcia believes the Peruvian Football Confederation (FPF) should clarify the FIFA call and estimates that those from Rímac will not be affected if Ecuador have a possible permit.

“There are many things to comment on from the outside beyond what Chilean Federation lawyer Eduardo Carlosso has to say. First, I do not see how Peru could be adversely affected by a possible verdict on this issue in all circumstances,” he said.

“Most negative or positive for Chile, Peru will be the same as before with 24 points and -3 goals difference. In the end the demand will be 100% accepted and the results of these eight matches will be declared null and void. Likes, because it will be equal in points, “the judge added.

In addition, Garcia distinguished the case of Byron Castillo with the commemorative episode starring Nelson Cabrera and the points scored by the Peruvian and Chilean teams in the table in the 2018 Russian qualifying round.

“In the case of Bolivian player Nelson Cabrera, when Chile claimed it, he did it after the deadline and then did too much after the deadline. And both countries are not allowed to take part in this process, it is an official process, ”he said.

“There is a precedent, but the big difference is that in the case of Cabrera, a direct violation of FIFA rules, a nationalized player must stay in that country for five years so he can play for selection. Your new country. , ”Concluded the Peruvian lawyer. (D)

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