China sends sophisticated fighter jets to disputed waters

China sends sophisticated fighter jets to disputed waters

(CNN) – China began sending its sophisticated warplanes. J-20, Patrolling the East China Sea and SouthChinese state media reported.

Early versions of the J-20 used Russian engines, which were later replaced by identical Chinese locally made engines. The aircraft was first shown to the public with new Chinese engines at last year’s China Air Show.

The state-run tabloid said on Wednesday that the deployment was aimed at “better protecting China’s air and maritime interests.” Global TimesCiting military experts.

Ren Yukun, a spokeswoman for the state-owned J-20 manufacturer, told the Global Times that it was now a “training routine” for the J-20 to begin patrolling with Chinese engines.

Two J-20 stealth fighter jets performed in the air during the Airshow China 2021 in Zhuhai, China last September.

The announcement comes just weeks after US General Kenneth Wilsbach, commander of the Pacific Air Force, said US F-35s and Chinese J-20s were close to each other in the East China Sea.

The East China Sea and the South China Sea have long been competing areas, with many countries claiming regional rights over each other.

China claims the entire South China Sea as its sovereign territory. It builds its facilities there and militarizes and transforms them into islands Military bases and airstripsAnd supposedly creating one Marine fighters You can count on hundreds of boats.

Meanwhile, in the East China Sea, China is seeking sovereignty over the Japanese-controlled Senkaku Islands, also known as the Theoyu Islands. In recent years, the United States has reaffirmed its commitment to protect the Japanese homeland in the event of a foreign invasion.

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China builds new high-tech aircraft carrier 4:46

Experts say the J-20 deployment shows two things: increased confidence in China’s military capabilities and its warning to other countries interested in the regional issue.

With about 200 J-20s in service, the People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) “now has advanced stealth fighter jets similar to the Americans in regular service, and they continue to set the standard,” said Professor Peter Layton. To the Griffith Institute of Asia in Australia. China’s message to the world: “Any foreign military aircraft intruding into the skies claimed by China in the East and South China Seas can now be intercepted by J-20s,” he added.

Although such a move would be politically tense, Layton said the broader range of the J-20 could be patrolled overseas or could last longer in areas such as the East China Sea.

Smaller organizations, such as a few aircraft, can occasionally conduct deep patrols in the South China Sea, land at one of China’s air bases for refueling, and then return to mainland. PLAAF can begin flying missions on any American carrier warplane entering the South China Sea.

China shows off its new stealth warplanes

Image of a Chinese J-20 stealth fighter

The shift from Russia to Chinese machinery also shows China’s growing independence in military production, Layton said. “Not only is China no longer in need of Russian assistance, but the aircraft manufactured by China are now superior to Russian aircraft.”

Layton said the J-20s now have more reliable engines than Russian ones, making these patrols a “more reliable option” which is why they were not sent on patrol.

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China’s response to the US F-22 and F-35, considered the world’s most stolen fighter jets, has long been hailed as the J-20.

A 2017 report by the China Power Project of the Center for Strategic and International Studies stated that the new Chinese engines would give the J-20 less supersonic travel capability, meaning that it would fly at supersonic speeds for a longer period of time.

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U.S. officials have long said the J-20 could not be compared to U.S. pirate fighter jets, but Wilsbach, commander of the U.S. Pacific Air Force, said last month that the J-20s had a strong impact when they collided with US F-35s. East China Sea.

“We were relatively impressed with the command and control associated with the J-20s,” Willsbach said at a conference. Mitchell Company Space explorations.

The United States has described the Chinese air force as “relatively professional flying,” but said it did not know how China could use J-20s in multi-purpose vessels such as the F-35 or in a superior role. Similar to the F-22.

Layton said the United States, Japan and other countries would “eagerly gather electronic intelligence” on the J-20 patrolling the coast, hoping to gather more information about its piracy characteristics and any radio transmission and data connection.

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