Chino Huerta celebrates against Chivas with the phrase “Re Made in Cue”.

Chino Huerta celebrates against Chivas with the phrase “Re Made in Cue”.

The Pumas player celebrated his goals with a shirt similar to that worn by Jaime Lozano in 2004.

Mexico — Cesar Huerta In charge of making the aggregate score 2-1 Cougars In the quarter finals against Sivas. He ‘Chinese’After scoring both goals, he showed off a shirt with the legend on it “Reproduced at Siu”Immortal Synonym Jaime LozanoCurrent coach of the Mexican National Team, UNAM team’s two-time championship in 2004.

Sivas Dominating the first minutes of the second leg of the quarter-final, they led 0-1 on aggregate, but everything changed in the 13th minute when Robert Erkas sent in a cross from the left wing. ‘Chino’ Huerta He looked for the first post, but the ball hit the boots of Antonio Briseno, who sent the round into his own frame.

Without even knowing that Liga MX I’ll give Cole an own goal Antonio BrisenoHe ‘Chino’ HuertaForgery in its basic powers SivasRunning to celebrate with his teammates, he then lifted his shirt to show the legend in the stands. “Reproduced at Siu”.

Just three more minutes ‘Chino’ Huerta He showed off his shirt again and it immediately went viral on social media.

Alan Mozo fouled Robert Ergas and the youth team inside the area Sivas He was responsible for getting it right from the penalty spot. On this occasion, he ran to the other end to show off his shirt with the legend on it “Reproduced at Siu”.

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This legend mentions Jaime Lozano Published in 2004 Cougars It reached the championship twice under the technical guidance of Hugo Sánchez. ‘Jimmy’, a young player on the UNAM team, showed off a shirt with this slogan on it more than once. “Made in CU”.

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