Chino Miranda “is getting better every day,” says his family

Chino Miranda “is getting better every day,” says his family

Since the singer Chino Miranda He left the theater for health reasons, and his followers remained attentive to the recovery confirmed by his director and himself.

In November 2021, the Venezuelan team notified Difficult health condition Translator “My beautiful girlWho began to feel severe pain in his hands and feet, intensified.

“The pains initially forced him to drastically stop exercising and his daily activities to the point where he could no longer walk. We have kept his condition strictly confidential out of respect for his privacy and the acute pain he was experiencing,” the statement said.

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Chino also spoke about his condition and asked for understanding of his decision not to talk about his condition. Venezuelan portal Meganoticias reported that he was diagnosed after Chyno Miranda contracted the coronavirus. Peripheral neuropathy s Brain inflammationThe first case causes body discomfort, numbness and pain, while the second case, which affects the brain, can cause confusion, hallucinations, seizures, and loss of sensation.

“I’ve had better days than others, controlling me worryvulnerability, fragility and what this entails has become a complex challenge that must be met, so that only those who suffer from it understand me, because there are moments when reality changes and the mind plays tricks on us that help us fall,” Chino wrote in a statement posted on her Instagram account.

In this situation, his music partner Ignacio Mendoza, better known as “Nacho”, organized a concert with the aim of raising funds and supporting his friend’s recovery. Artists like Victor Drija, Jerry Di and Victor Muñoz will perform at the show scheduled for June 8, so today Chyno’s family provided news of the process the musician is facing.

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“Chyno’s recovery is progressing further each day and we are certain that this great gesture will allow Chyno to ensure his continued recovery and soon be seen on stage,” the report read.

They also confirmed that they had every will to support the initiative, which was praised by the thousands of people and singers who wanted to join, such as music producer Miguel Moli, who commented “I want to participate.”

“The Chyno Miranda family and team are very grateful for the initiative taken by a group of friends to hold a concert for the health benefit of Jesus Miranda, we are not the organizers of this concert, but we want to make it clear to them with our support.”

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