Chivas 1-1 Pumas goals and summary in the 2022 friendly match | 03/23/2022

Chivas 1-1 Pumas goals and summary in the 2022 friendly match |  03/23/2022
23:24 3 hours ago

Objectives and summary

23:00 3 hours ago

95 ‘

I finish! Chivas and Pumas tied in a friendly match tonight.

22:58 3 hours ago


Duel back and forth both teams seek to win the match.

22:52 3 hours ago

87 ‘

A dangerous shot from Kurozo, but the ball was deflected by the defense.

22:49 4 hours ago

84 ‘

A goal, a goal, a goal from Pumas! Navarro insists on entering the area again and sends a fatal shot on target and Wrangel can do nothing.

22:49 4 hours ago

81 ‘

Navarro’s cannon shot on goal, but Rangel keeps the ball after the shot.

22:47 4 hours ago

82 ‘

close! Kaiseido was looking to generate danger, but the siren signaled the intrusion of university students.

22:44 4 hours ago

78 ‘

The position is looking for Caicedo, but Chivas goalkeeper Rangel keeps the ball.

22:40 4 hours ago

74 ‘

Chivas’ midfield, but the League’s defense ended up preventing them from getting past Gonzalez’s goal.

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Alec Alvarez arrived in danger, but the ball eventually went to the side

22:32 4 hours ago


Duel back and forth, Pumas tries to create a danger, but the ball fails to reach the opponent’s goal.

22:25 4 hours ago

58 ‘

Kaiseido arrived with danger, but failed to generate danger and ended up losing the ball.

22:16 4 hours ago


A goal keeper! He fires Pumas’ cannon, but Godino prevents the tie from falling.

21:54 4 hours ago

four five’

The first part ends, and Chivas wins the minimum.

21:48 5 hours ago


close! Half a turn from Zaldivar sends a flash, but the ball goes to the side.

21:43 5 hours ago

3. 4′

Erezer cannon shot at Gonzalez goal, the ball disappears along the last line

21:32 5 hours ago


An excellent sweep from Sanchez prevented Curuzo from continuing to play in search of his goal.

21:29 5 hours ago

Twenty one’

A goal, a goal, a goal for Chivas! Calderon went in alone and fired a cannon shot and ended up opening the scoring.

21:26 5 hours ago


Few of the arrivals at the meeting, however; Chivas dominate in the first minutes.

21:16 5 hours ago


Cannon hit the goal of Gonzalez but the goalkeeper holds the ball without problems.

21:06 5 hours ago

0 ‘

The events began in Fresno, California.

from 21:03 5 hours ago

eleven cougars

Gonzalez Rivas, c. Kaisedou, S.; Trigos, R. Galindo, C. Patuccio, A. Garcia, W. Coruso, A. Alvarez, and E. Montegano, J.

20:59 5 hours ago

xi chivas

R. Gudiño; J. Sánchez, G. Sepúlveda, G. Orozco, C. Cisneros, E. Torres, G. García, C. Huerta, C. Calderón, A. Zaldívar, P. Yrizar.

20:51 5 hours ago

to court

Both teams are already jumping onto the pitch where they will seek to warm up before the match begins.

20:50 5 hours ago

They have arrived!

Lillini and her disciples are already in the Fresno building, and tonight they will be looking to beat the Chivas with a small team.

20:39 6 hours ago

There is support!

20:34 6 hours ago

I am not going!

Alexis Vega will not be able to engage in any activity in tonight’s duel, and the striker is called up with the national team that will seek Qatar’s qualification.

20:29 6 hours ago

First time

This is the first duel that these teams will play in these lands, Chivas have already faced Atlas, Leon and Morelia.

20:24 6 hours ago

eye here

The last time Chivas played in Fresno was in 2017, on that occasion they faced Monarcas Morelia.

20:19 6 hours ago

There are absences!

Pumas will not be able to count on Alfredo Talavera, the experienced goalkeeper has been called up to the Mexican national team and the person responsible for guarding the three sticks will be Julio Gonzalez.

20:14 6 hours ago

we, re back!

We came back minute by minute from the match between Chivas and Pumas. We will soon be sharing relevant information on both teams, as well as confirmed squads.

20:09 6 hours ago

Don’t leave here to watch Chivas vs Pumas live

In a few moments we will be sharing our starting lineups for Chivas vs Pumas live, as well as the latest information emerging from Chuckchansi Park. Don’t miss any minute-by-minute match details and live online from VAVEL.

19:59 6 hours ago

Chivas data

Michael Lanio spoke about the draw with Atlas: “Today, there is a feeling that we are giving up two points. We didn’t have a great first half, we were very far from the team we normally are. It cost us possession of the ball, in the second half we came out better, we scored the goal. And we did a great job to champion a team with great players. We will keep insisting, we can’t give up the points and the results people deserve are coming soon.” This is mainly due to a lack of focus and attention to detail. As long as we don’t improve on those details, the team plays good games and everything, but we have to correct that, it’s the only way to be at the top.”

19:54 6 hours ago

Cougar data

19:49 7 hours ago

You need to lift your spirits

19:44 7 hours ago

They don’t give their best

19:39 7 hours ago

The match will be held at Chakchansi Park

The Chivas vs Pumas match will be played at Chuckchansi Park, located in Fresno, California. The property can accommodate 10,650 people.

19:34 7 hours ago

Good evening to all VAVEL readers!

Welcome to the live stream of the Chivas vs Pumas match, corresponding to the friendly duel in FIFA history. The meeting will take place at Chuckchansi Stadium, at 9:00 PM.

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