Chivas already has a goalkeeper who will replace Tonio Rodriguez

Chivas already has a goalkeeper who will replace Tonio Rodriguez

the Guadalajara Club He was left without one of his guards at the Clausura 2022 tournament, as Jose Antonio Rodriguez migrated to Gallos Blancos de Querétaro Before refusing to sign a new guard, Leadership in mind to give a chance to Jose Raul Rangel He was promoted to the first team due to the good performance he performed with him Tapatío in periodic expansion.

+ Chivas soccer stove heading into the 2022 MX League

Few days before departure Tonio Rodriguez, after his bad campaign with the Sacred Herd at the 2021 Grita Mexico AperturaAnd Where he lost the property from the sixth round after the defeat they suffered against Lyon as a result of this RaAl Godinho took charge of the three positions of Rojiblanco and the level of Pepe Tonio He came not only as a substitute, as he also suffered an injury that kept him out of any possibility of playing in the final duels of the season.

Who is Jose Raul Rangel?

The young goalkeeper was born in Zapotlan El Grande, Jalisco state 21 years ago and started in a quarry. Third-class Chivas are distinguished by their wonderful qualities Not only under the three positions, it also has an important match that is very difficult to find in today’s football.

He made his debut with Tapatío at the age of 20 on the 5th date of the Guard1anes Championship 2020 In the 3-0 victory and since then he has performed well which led to him being considered in pre-season before Grita Mexico Apertura 2021 Under the leadership of Victor Manuel Vucetich With the first team, but he did not manage to make his debut in Liga MX.

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The 2022 Clausura tournament is expected to have the nickname “Tala”, which has been dubbed the similarity. with Alfredo Talavera, also appeared from Chivas, It has become one of the competitions for Raul Godinho, at least on the bench, as Miguel Jimenez is also with the first team, another of the goalkeepers to have been at Rugeblanco since the reign of Matías Matías.

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