Chivas. The Battle of Macías-Briseño revealed: Huevos does not hold ceremonies

Chivas.  The Battle of Macías-Briseño revealed: Huevos does not hold ceremonies

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What fights are there in Deportivo Guadalajara! For weeks, disputes spilled over into the dressing room, and players cited by the coaching and management team, as well as complaints from Victor Manuel Vojic because of “lack of position”. Now the journalist Jesus Hernandez Millennium It reveals a battle between Jose Juan Macias and Antonio Prescino.

According to the reporter, the accident occurred after that Defeat Chivas to FC Juarez As locals, when Pollo Briseño confirmed that “eggs are missing” in the team, something JJ Macías dislikedWho even threw a defender in the face who “didn’t even come from the club” to tell him how he feels in love for the shirt.

What did Macias say to Presinho in the fight at Chivas?

Macias told Presinho that Laying eggs is not a sweeping and a celebrationIt is a case that has been referred to heavily regarding chicken, in addition to being reminded that it appeared in the Rogblanca quarry, “according to the correspondent Jesus HernandezWho added that the other players immediately entered to prevent them from reaching the strikes.

What the journalist is referring to is that Presinho’s words weren’t directed at anyone in particularBut they were calling for the whole group after adding the fourth date without winning the 2021 Clausura, but apparently The depressing warmth of Jose JuanWho scored the goal in the loss to Braves.

Briseño-Ponce lawsuit in 2020

Last semester, Antonio Prescino was involved in another problem with one of his colleagues, Miguel Pons, Who was also about to take punches with him in a training session had it not been for the other soccer players in rojiblancos.

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