Christian Nodal receives strong racist comments from reporter | News from Mexico

Christian Nodal receives strong racist comments from reporter |  News from Mexico

Mexico City. – Christian Nodal and Belinda star in one of the couples The most controversial on the show, since they started Link Heavy criticism, but both of them beat any rumors and even decided To engage – to engage.

But a few days ago, the Sonoran singer erased all traces “Ogverde” Thing Worry to his fans and that many thought he might be Love break up.

Because of all this different situation modesIt’s n this topic, some think it’s about marketing but many others have come across Criticizes to sonorense.

in scheduling Today In the department “what are you talking about” They started talking about different topics from the show, about Laura Bozzo about the whole legal situation she would have to face and of course about the couple. Nodal y Belinda.

The drivers This discussion was attended by Andrea Escalona, ​​Martha Figueroa, Claudia Silva and reporter Sebastian Resendis, and when the topic was raised, it is likely that an actress And the composer can also finish each one begins to perform opinions.

for his part Martha Figueroa Comment on the fact that they deleted or stopped following social networksIt didn’t mean anything, while Claudia Silva “It has become a very important issue,” he added.

But it was so Sebastian Resendes comment that Christian Has already “joined” the “advertisement” that seems to work for him Belinda, Which means the only thing they’re looking for is attention.

What’s going on here is that Belinda teaches Christian dogma tricks, because remember Christian was a silly kid and he wasn’t cute at all. And now he’s learning advertising tricks,” the driver added, too.

Andrea Escalona’s photo Take the opportunity to say it Christian He was always described as a person very cute and cute, but you might be surprised
Since the arrival of the famous singer.

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Martha Figueroa He was not retarded and outwardly. I hope the rumors are true episode Keep it preserved, this indicates the wealth spent by the artist.

But what sparked controversy was the class comment he made Sebastian Noting that he had in mind the beginnings of Nodal and even confirmed that he had Knees and elbows “bruised” Before his affair with the translator “Bella’s Betrayal”.

I don’t forget that Christian Nodal, before meeting Belinda, had injuries to the elbows and knees,” Sebastian concluded.

Before some happened Users And they expressed their annoyance with the publication of the video, as they commented that expressing an opinion is one thing and commenting on it is another.
“Disgusting” for public figures.

So far Christian Nodal He has not commented on it, yet he has reposted his photo commitment with him bride, A situation that gave calm to many.

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