Chubut finished third at the Epade Games

Chubut finished third at the Epade Games

The final spot for the 16th edition of the Epade Games, which ran from Monday the fourth through Friday afternoon, was held at four venues in Santa Cruz County.

After the last day of competitions, Chubut finished third with a total of 61 points and returned to the podium, as history indicates and repeats the performance of the last edition. The champion of the competition was La Bamba, with 83 points, and the second, Rio Negro, with 78 points.

They are silver

Reviewing the sports performances on the last day of the competitions, the swimmer concluded her performance in the Hispano Americano Club swimming pool with four gold medals, which were won by Makenna Duscher (50-meter breaststroke), Mathieu Luna Asif (50-meter breaststroke), Ismail Joaquin (50-meter swim back) and the last in the men’s 4 x 100 freestyle relay.In the final total, Chubut was the runner-up in the men’s branch, with a total of 180 points, behind the champion La Bamba, who added 231 units for the women.The team finished in fifth place with 80 points and was also the champion labamba.

The mountain bikes developed in Rio Torbio left the Chubut delegation with great joy because after the team’s last relay test, the women and men were left second in the overall table. The women added 604 points and finished second in Rio Negro, which totaled 794 points. The men totaled 559 and also climbed to the second step on the podium. riogrinos remained in first place, with 742 units.

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The Chubut men’s soccer team played one of the two team sports finals at Club Jupiter in Comandante Piedrabuena. Unfortunately, it was not a good morning for Juan Pablo Petronio’s team, who lost to La Pampa, losing 3-1 without relief and having to finish second.

Women’s basketball was the other Chubut team that had the chance to play a final in team sports, but they couldn’t win either. Finally it was a defeat against Neuquen 64-49 and a silver medal for the girls.


Chubut women’s soccer ended their performance in Puerto Santa Cruz with a big smile, after beating Neuquén on penalties. The match ended, in normal time, 0-0, and in a penalty shootout, Tchopotensis prevailed 5-4 to climb to the last step of the podium. The Rio Negro girls were champions, defeating the Santa Cruz girls 1-0 and in the final.

Chubut’s women’s volleyball team also took the podium, defeating Santa Cruz 3-1 in the third-place duel. The county representatives knew how to quickly recover after losing the first set (19-25) and won the next three sets (27-25, 25-13 and 25-23) to celebrate and climb to the last place on the podium.

The volleyball boys didn’t have the same luck, losing to Rio Negro 3-1 (27-29, 25-20, 25-22, 25-23) in the third-place match, remaining in fourth place. Competition.

Judo, after the team competitions, finished its participation in fifth place for men and sixth for women.

In this way, a new edition of Epade Games closes and Chubut finishes third for the third time in history and repeats last year’s performance in La Pampa.

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final positions

First place in Lamba, 83 points.

Black River II 78 points.

Chubut third 61 points.

The fourth Neuquin 56 piasters.

Fifth Santa Cruz, 52 points.

6 Tierra del Fuego 38p.

Chubut Sports

Women’s athletics 2

Men’s athletics 5

Women’s basketball 2

Men’s basketball 5

Women’s mountain bike second place

Men’s mountain bike II

female judo 6

Fifth male judoka

women’s soccer 3

men’s football 2

Fifth female swimmer

Men’s swimming 2

Women’s volleyball 3

Men’s volleyball 4

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