Chuck hit Harden hard

Chuck hit Harden hard

Shaquille O’Neal He’s a guy who always scares the field. A block measuring 2.16 meters high and almost 150 kg destroyed the defenses in the NBA when it was time to move as a pivot. But now, retired and as a commentator, he showed that his word is as heavy and strong as it is in painting. After transfer James Harden Los Nets The former Lakers threw it all at him and didn’t provide him a single one.

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“When you say you’ve given everything to the city, it’s not true.”Giant blamed his colleague. He listed the different situations that left him in very bad shape: “You asked Dwight Howard, we gave it to you and it didn’t work. I asked Chris Paul and we gave it to you. You asked for a shot and we gave it to you. I asked Westbrook. Your childhood friend since you were a kid. We gave it to you and it didn’t work.”, Claimed a former Dream Team player.

He provided statistical details that supported his theory that it did not turn out badly: “You say you gave it all and I am telling you no. In the last five playoffs, you have paid 41% of the field and 24% of the hat-in, provided 32 assists and lost 27 losses.”. Very bad numbers, especially for the star who gets paid annually. Shaq remembered his father’s teachings precisely because of this poor performance: “I used to be like James. I used to come and complain that no one was doing anything. My father said, God bless him,” What the hell have I done? “

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“He did nothing”, He completed. “He didn’t show up when he had to appear. When you’re the guy and you make $ 34 million a year, you have a huge responsibility on you.”He ended it ruthlessly, and he really showed his displeasure after taking the bearded man to New York.

Harden out of the net.  Photo: DPA.

Harden out of the net. Photo: DPA.

Finally, shut off with an alarm “I know a lot of people in Houston who are happy to leave. Now he has his super team. He has to win this year. If he doesn’t win this year, that’s a lie.” is over. She will accompany Hardin Irving and Durant at one of the most promising universities in recent years. It’s a matter of time to see if the beard adapts to the Big Apple and becomes the star everyone expects.

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