Ciboldi in the episode with Dita: He looks like a criminal

Ciboldi in the episode with Dita: He looks like a criminal

Ciboldi complies, but in his opinion, not a hit on Dita, does not share the sanction of the disciplinary commission.

NUEVO LEÓN — Technician Tigers, Robert Dante CiboldiAfter what happened in the match against Cruz Azul, he has promised to abide by the three-match ban imposed on him by the Disciplinary Committee. Villar DitaBut it only took one step.

“I want to clarify what happened in the match against Cruz Azul, where to start, first of all I do not want to attack anyone, my position since the beginning of the struggles and efforts is to separate, appease, intervene my mistake. enters into

“I wanted to calm players like (Angel) Sepulveda and apologize for hugging him too much because I looked angry and then I went to apologize. I see it immediately. Shit He is angry, I want to calm him down, I can't, another attempt is formed where he participates, his companions can't calm him down, I take a step, I want to intervene, help to cry, but I take a long step, I falter, I (Rodolfo ) caught Rotondi, and by a miracle I did not fall for the purpose of pacifying him,” he declared.

Ciboldi He recalled that this was the first time in his career as a coach that he had been allowed to do so, and that he had never been a strategist involved in such an issue.

Regarding the sanction, he said, “I abide by the punishment, I abide by the remedial action of the regulatory authority, I don't share it, but I abide by it as a professional, I don't feel I did anything wrong. , Anything that harms the show, it's a great lesson.” For me, lesson learned, I can't promise I won't do it again, but I will try not to participate in situations like this. “I don't regret anything I've done, but I do regret what's to come.”

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Robert Dante Ciboldi He felt that the criticism in the media in recent days was not enough and made him look like a criminal.

“I didn't imagine I was going to experience this this week, I can't find a word to describe everything I'm feeling, because at any time it didn't cross my mind to attack anyone, it was quiet. In a week, watching all this, I was a criminal, I had to go to prison in El Salvador for killing someone in the game, because this movie was completely made up. He said.

The helmsman said that he is now preparing to be on the stand in the following matches of the Clausura 2024, which he has no experience with, but he is confident that both his assistants and players will work well.

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