Clarissa Molina and her boyfriend Vicente Saavedra become parents

Clarissa Molina and her boyfriend Vicente Saavedra become parents

relationship Clarissa Molina And Vicente Saavedra is going from strength to strength and it seems they’ve decided to take a new step by naming their parents a new member of the family.

It is about an American bully puppy called “Azuul”, which with her She appeared next to the Christmas tree in a photo posted on social media To send good wishes to your followers.

However, at that time, they again did not mention their new son, but now they have created a profile for him on the social network Instagram to share photos of his pet with all the fans of the couple.

Hello my name is Azul. I have the best parents Clarissa and Vicentee. I love to play and sleepRead profile description.

They also posted the first photo of the puppy outside and wrote:Hello everyone and welcome to my world“.

Among the comments, Clarissa herself expressed: “we love you“.

Azul was first seen with the couple on December 24 when they posted a photo next to the adorable Christmas tree they put together at the Vicente Palace.

Happy birthday to all and many blessingsThey wrote. And she did not wait for the greetings of his followers, as they immediately commented on the publication with the most beautiful congratulations and congratulating them on the love they have.

“Congratulations, long live love”, “Good health to go on with it”, “Congratulations, congratulations to this beautiful couple, if you are happy Clary Bella, me too and everyone who loves you, we wish you happiness. Good luck in everything, Beautiful live your love”, she Some comments from Internet users.

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And it is that Clarissa’s fans have followed from the very beginning the love that she had for her partner, because she herself dedicated to him romantic words on Instagram expressing everything she feels for him.

In this and the next life I choose you a million times! May God always wish you much life and health, and continue to be the great human being that you are, noble, big-hearted, good son, great father and always ready to give your best.‘,” the model wrote in a post showing both in swimwear in the beach.

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