Clint Frazier Glad Not To Be A Yankee

Clint Frazier Glad Not To Be A Yankee

player Clint Frazier, It seems very happy No longer part of yankees of new york, Remembering that he’s now a Chicago Cubs player in Major League Baseball – MLB.

According to a report on Twitter from an account called @Gaven2424, player Clint Frazier made it clear that he’s glad he’s no longer a New York Yankees player in the major leagues, since they released him after the 2021 season and signed. With Chicago Cubs from free agency.

The aforementioned account on the social networking site posted the following message:

“I’m so glad this guy is no longer a Yankee,” he wrote.

He himself, who got a response and a mention from Frazier himself, who made it clear with his lines that he doesn’t regret for a second is no longer part of the Yankees at the MLB ball.

The former “Mules” player replied, “So I am.”

Clint Fraser was not a key player and indispensable to the Yankees, which is why they left their services in the 2022 campaign, which the player did not hesitate to silence and express his feelings.

Clint Fraser in the Bronx

“El Rojo”, 27, played five seasons with the Yankees in MLB, having 228 games, giving 169 hits, 41 doubles, five triples, 29 homers, 97 RBIs, 100 points, .239 AVG, and OBP of .327, SLG of .434 and OPS of .761.

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