Coffee with a Woman’s Smell: Explaining the End of the Colombian Telenovela | What happened and what does it mean | Fame

Coffee with a Woman’s Smell: Explaining the End of the Colombian Telenovela |  What happened and what does it mean |  Fame

“, the Colombian remake starring Laura Londoño and William Levy, ended Friday, September 24, 2021 on RCN in Colombia and three days later on Telemundo in the US. Despite all the adversity, the result brought the favorite son of Gaviota and Octavio Vallejo to the altar, to say Yes, it promises eternal love.

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The final act of the melodrama based on the story created by Fernando Gaitán (“Yo soy Betty, la fea”) begins in 1994, in which Doña Julia gives 25 percent of Octavio’s inheritance to her son Fernando, but Gaviota declines the offer and proposes to use the money to save the Casa Blanca farm.

Soon, Lucia (Carmen Villalobos) searches for Sebastian to apologize for all the damage he’s done to her, plus gives him her wedding ring. Also, the villain“He’s talking to Julia and they hugged each other one last time.

To start his new phase free from hatred and resentment, Sebastian visits Evan in prison and manages to fix things up with his brother. Later, Julia also visits her son and assures that she is really sorry and has plans to start over.

Gaviota and Sebastian quran

The wedding day comes and both mothers give birth to their babies with the assurance that they will be very happy. The couple says yes at the altar and celebrates with friends and family, but that’s not the end”‘, because the protagonist still has a dream to fulfill.

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Sebastian manages to save the farm with the help of the love of his life, and Dos Cid’s coffee begins to regain its prestige. Meanwhile, “Rojo Café” also won land and participates in international competitions.

The coffee produced and grown by the women’s cooperative on the farm “El Paraíso” wins the “Cup of Excellence”, which rewards the best coffee in Colombia. Although the person responsible for receiving the recognition is Gaviota, she never ceases to pay tribute to the work and commitment of the more than 100 women responsible for “Rojo Café”.

Meanwhile, Doña Julia shows that she has changed so much, that she not only accepts her children’s partners, but also does everything she can for her grandchildren. The courtship between Arthur and Pau continues.

finally, “Perfumed coffee for womenHe ends up admiring Gaviota and Sebastian for everything they have accomplished and what the future holds for them.

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