Colombia national team: Juan Guillermo Cuadrado’s comments about the candidates and new players | Colombia Choice

Colombia national team: Juan Guillermo Cuadrado’s comments about the candidates and new players |  Colombia Choice

John William Squareone of the references cited by Nestor Lorenzo in the Colombian squad to face Guatemala and Mexico, spoke this Tuesday with the media about the process officially launched this week that refers to the Copa America 2024 and the World Cup 2026.

The Italian Juventus player pointed to the presence of references such as David Ospina, James Rodriguez and Falcao Garcia, a group to which he also belongs, and warned that he must fight for a position.

“Every day we have to convince ourselves of more talent that Colombia has. I think it starts from there, knowing that we are winners and if you think about it, it is heartbreaking to see the talent that is there and it is not part of the cup, but it is a learning experience and you have to start from there. To be able to train and play every game with the hope of being in the World Cup again and fighting for the Copa America because we have a team with great players.” referred.

For Cuadrado, having experienced players is key in any team and this time Colombia was no stranger: “I think there is always a need for experienced players who can contribute to the group and not only in football but also internally. It is important in every team. And references should not be given anything, they should work and earn a position to be in the national team because there are young players who want to be and contribute. He should be experienced but also earn the position.”

He mentioned the reasons why prominent players are involved in the operations. “Because of the way they play and sometimes the break. Sometimes you need that break that Falcao and James give, which manages situations and not only on the field of play but also off the field. The experience they gain is important to pass on to the young players.”

Juan Guillermo also celebrated that Nestor Lorenzo is guiding him in this new operation. He knows them well and they feel comfortable. “It is a plus because the teacher is well trained and knows us very well, he knows where each player likes and the places where he feels comfortable. It is important for us because he will achieve great things for the national team. We have complete confidence in him (…) We have been working in small spaces. And with a lot of intensity, but what’s coming is more structured work with a focus on matches. The teacher wants to have an identity and will work on that.”

Finally, after consulting with the new personalities mentioned by the national coach, such as John Gadir-Duran, Oscar Estupinan and Jorge Carrascal, to name a few, Cuadrado noted that “almost everyone here has quality”. He also predicted them great achievements and advised them: “If they do it with passion, intensity and desire to win a position in five or ten minutes, I think they are all of quality and the important thing is that if we unite it, it will bring benefits.”

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