Colombia Reynolds Ruda explains the 500% he asks of James Rodriguez

Colombia Reynolds Ruda explains the 500% he asks of James Rodriguez

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For games Colombia In view Bolivia, Paraguay and Chile, Related to the Qompole qualification for Qatar 2022, Reynolds Ruda, DD of coffee growers, decided not to call James Rodriguez, The player who asked him in the past There will be “500 percent” To be considered by choice.

“I think the anxiety and desire to be a player on the national team triggers that look without anyone knowing. It’s not just about healing an injury, it’s about reshaping the tournament.

“I think it’s very clear that we can not harm James or the national team. When he is 500 percent, because 100 percent is not enough For the exam “, the person who was elected at the time said about the absence of James.

However, for this Close FIFA Call of Juan Fernando Quintero And Radamel Balkov, Ruda questioned about it as players who are not highly active, the last of them recovering from various physical problems.500 percent ‘ It asks Colombians to consider the exam.

“We always say players have to be 500%, we mention the plus to be on the Colombian national team, we want players to take care of themselves in all possible variables. That 500% includes many factors and variables. The title of the players with other elements helps. All moments and stages are different, “said the technician.

When will Colombia play?

To this date Conmebol Qualification, Colombia faces this Thursday Bolivia; He will visit on Sunday Paraguay And previously closed local Chile Next Thursday, September 9. In the classification table, it should be noted that coffee selection is progressing Fifth place With 8 points.

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