‘Come see me play’

‘Come see me play’

Diandre Hopkins provoked his inner Alan Iverson by talking about his practice schedule Wednesday for local complaints in Arizona.

Over 18 years for Iverson The famous “training” theft, Hopkins took as an exception the criticisms of some local reporters about the number of procedures missed.

“Yeah, man, when I first came to Arizona I heard a lot of negative things about not training,” he said. Via ESPN. “I do not watch the Arizona local news and channels and sports station, but my grandfather, he listens to everything and everyone. I think, if one of you says something bad about me, my grandfather, he told me. So, I’ve seen all these blogs, some of you. I hope you can keep it there, but I’m not going to say any names.

“But, I have a reason to play football, they see it. There’s a reason people are in office for a reason. So, I did not ask for it. I did not ask for it. Loves, because you did not train and all the critics in the sports people ‘, but, my grandfather knew who I was, he knew how much I produced on that football field, and he knew what I was doing, and the people who gave me stuff, They do not know what I am doing or dealing with, and I do not allow my messages, or what’s really happening to me, to be advertised for the future. “

It is common for senior stars like Hopkins to take a week off. Reading anything in those missed days is a foolish act.

Hopkins NFL in getting yards (1,324). Leads and ranks second in receptions (103). The NFL was instrumental in getting the yards in its first season after trading. He could be the first player since the 1970 merger that led to.

The Pro Bowl receiver comes from a season-high 169 receiving yards in the 15th week. He has created nine receptions and more than 135 receiving yards in each of the last two games. With another big tour on Saturday against the San Francisco 49ers defense, Hopkins could join Roy Green (1984) and Woodley Lewis (1958) as the only Arizona players since 1950, with more than 130 receiving yards in three or more games in a row.

Like Iverson, Hopkins wants the world to know that training representatives do not need to do when the lights are shining bright.

“Tell those who say I haven’t trained to watch them play,” he said.

The San Francisco 49ers and Arizona Cardinals kicked off at State Farm Stadium at 4:30 pm Saturday and air exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

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