CONCACAF: Haiti club surprised after humiliating Austin

CONCACAF: Haiti club surprised after humiliating Austin

a surprise. Round 16 of CONCACAF Champions League They started the game with a surprising score in their first game.

he Violet FC from Haiti He gave the bump after being thrashed 3-0 in MLS Austin F.C From the United States in the first leg of the round of 16 CONCACAF Champions League.

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two goals from Mesh Nader Cherry And to some extent against Amr Tariq They decided the victory of the Caribbean team as a nightmare for the American club.

Things began to change in the 14th minute, when Roberto Badió Loima hit a precise cross from the left, allowing Al-Riyadi to Mesh Nader Cherry Turned things upside down 1-0.

The attacking efforts of Diego Fagundez, Maxi Oroti and Rodney Reeds did not do enough damage against Violet AC.

In the 40th minute, the local team tracked its first goal to extend the advantage: Mesh Nader Cherryafter a cross from the left by Denilson Pierre made it 2-0.

Austin FC pushed more than their defensive lapses in the first half, and took to the field in the second half wanting to turn things around.

But this idea remained only a matter of wishes and good intentions. Once the match resumed, a goal was scored against the defender Amr Tarek made it 3-0 in favor of Violet.

In their first official match at international level, MLS didn’t pit “Green” against the toughness of the Haitian club.

Things have to change a lot in a week, when a rematch of this series takes place at the vibrant O2 Stadium in Austin, Texas, if coach Josh Wolfe’s men are to hope to expand their experience in the CONCACAF Champions League.

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Honduras Christian Ramirez, Ronnie Salinas and Melvin Matamoros were the referees who were responsible for making the match fair.

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