Confirmed: Dismissal and changes in ‘Hi Dia’

Confirmed: Dismissal and changes in ‘Hi Dia’


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Dismissals and changes ‘Today’. Within a year after the first screening of the show ‘Un Nuevo changed DiaTelemundo promised in the morning that it would be innovative and give it a more news angle. Look for that goal you can’t find.

This Friday morning, they were separated from the show Led by Adamari Lopez, Chiquibabi, Nacho Lozano, Nicole Suarez and Arantza Loisaka, Various producers of the group. Among them was its executive producer and head of the show, Desiree Kolomina, who was already in the same position at ‘Your Nuevo Dia’..

Why layoffs? According to The answer that Telemundo gave us exclusively, Is the result of constantly trying to deliver messages to people. Here is the announcement of the string:

“Morning show ‘Hoi Dia’ was launched this year as a concept for Latin people to find useful news and information to start their day.. Emphasizing current news and events, We have decided to make changes in the product team to continue to provide better informative content to our audience Every morning. You We greatly appreciate the affected staff For his dedication and dedication to ‘Hi Dia’. “

More news focus in the morning? As the chain has told us, they are trying to further improve both current affairs and news, Something from what we have seen over the years, At least in Latin chains, Looks like it didn’t work.

Let us remember the two failures that proved Univision ‘Desperate America’. There was more news. Last attempt, to be exact Patsy was in charge of Loris, Before being hired by executive Telemundo, Who created An important part of the end of ‘A New Day’ and the creation of ‘Hoi Thea’.

Did the transition from ‘Un Nuevo Dia’ to ‘Hoi Dia’ help in terms of rating? The answer is no “No”. Not only would it not have helped, it would have done Reduce the numbers in support of its direct rival, ‘Awaken America’, Who was still the leader at that time.

How will the show change? In its direction for now. A few minutes ago Javier Seriani said in ‘Kisukisu Like’, that The morning show will be chaired by Sabrina Zambrano, Patsy Loris Right Hand Message.

However, That post has another name, And what will be Telemundo’s new deal, Gabriela Tristin, a journalist who was part of the Univision news department until a few months ago. His last level is the executive producer of the digital edition news.

Because of her? Because it is Someone who worked at the university with Batsy LorisFor all these changes in the morning we say again that he is the current news administrator.

Tristan has worked for Univision for over 25 years, And it is one ‘Desperate America’ first newsmakers. What else, Together with Loris they developed the digital version of the news broadcast compiled by Carolina Sarassa and Borja Vosas..

In fact, when Patsy Loris resigned from Univision, there were those who thought of it. Gabriela Tristin is going to name her place, But Instead, Maria Guzman was promoted. Several months later, after many years in the chain, he resigned.

Until now The names of the separatists have not been officially announced, Or from those who take their position or rumors of what will happen next Monday have not been confirmed: more layoffs.

What happens to talent? There is no official or unofficial information about it yet, Everything At least for now it means they will all follow.

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