Continue the quarter-final draw …

Continue the quarter-final draw …

The Del Rey Cup They will continue their way to the quarter-finals after Athletic and Granada confirmed their passes in the last round of 16 matches last Thursday. The draw will be on Friday, January 29th, starting at 1:00 PM. At the headquarters of the Royal Spanish Football Federation. he is F.C.B He will continue playing and will be one of the first six to qualify.

In addition to Barcelona, ​​Athletic and Granada, the rest of the teams that will be in this draw after qualifying for the round of 16 are: Villarreal, Levante, Betis, Seville and Almeria, who will be the only representative of the second division.. All fans of all these groups will be able to follow this drawing directly through the broadcast that RFEF will provide through its official channels.

The event, how could it be otherwise, It will be broadcast live on the Spanish Federation’s YouTube channel. In addition, through “FCBN”, we will also present everything that will happen and tell you everything that this draw will bring to Barcelona, ​​which will meet its opponent in these halls in the Copa del Rey. They want to move to their fairs.

It should be noted that Barcelona team can play any of the above-mentioned teams, Because in the rooms a pure draw is made. In other words, the Catalans can play from a theoretically affordable competitor like Almeria to a more complex competitor like Sevilla and Athletic or of course Villarreal of Unai Emery.

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The fact that it’s pure means that too The match is played on the court of the first team. This could allow Barcelona to make their final debut at the Camp Nou in the Copa del Rey, where the Blaugrana has so far only played outside their stadium. Unfortunately, the fact that playing without an audience due to the pandemic means the advantage is not as much as it would be under normal circumstances.

History of quarters and “semi-finals”

The dates for the quarter-finals have already been set for a long time The entire round will be played between February 2nd and 4th. On the second, third and fourth days, intersections will be decided according to a schedule that has yet to be confirmed, and there will be four semifinals contestants by then. Incidentally, the semi-finals will be played in a double knockout for the first time in the tournament, with the first leg between February 9 and 10, and the return between March 2 and 3.

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