Copa America 2024 | Leo Messi is the second best scorer in the history of national teams

Copa America 2024 | Leo Messi is the second best scorer in the history of national teams

Argentina beat Canada 2-0 in semi-final Copa America 2024Not only does it mean that the Albiceleste can reach the championship title twice, but it also causes Lionel Messithe author of the latest entry, has become Second highest scorer in history in selection duels.

This is thanks to his goal, which happened by chance after his shot was blocked. Enzo Fernandezcaptain of argentina He scored 109 goals for his national team. To locate in Historical Sub-Leadership Worldwideone above the historical Iranian Ali Daeiand just below his Portuguese opponent. Cristiano Ronaldowho has 130 goals.

The above can become The motivation needed for Messi to lead his teammates to the championship twice Copa America, thus breaking the historical tie of titles with Uruguaya situation that would also equal the feat he had performed. Spain Between 2008 and 2012, with two European Championships and winning the 2010 World Cup.

Messi and his historic and inelegant goal

After several attempts to score his first goal In the tournament, he even missed a Panenka penalty in the previous qualifying round against Ecuador, The Argentine striker stood in front of goalkeeper Maxime Crepeau. After a powerful shot from Enzo Fernandez, the ball took a slight deflection. to change course, but not before hitting the Canadian guard in the face.

Because Messi was positioned in front of the Canadian goalkeeper. VAR intervention was needed. To review the play and after quick deliberations it was decided that The striker was in the right position. Since the Canadian defender was enabling it.

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With this note, Argentina sealed their way to the grand final. The follower Copa America 2024Which will be held on July 14th in Hard Rock Stadium From Miami, the land where Messi is the local hero because he is the most important player in the world. Inter Miami In the multilateralThe match will be held against the winner of the second semi-final match to be held. Colombia and Uruguay.

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