Coronavirus on mutation – new highly contagious variants that fill clinics and hospitals

Coronavirus on mutation – new highly contagious variants that fill clinics and hospitals

With the four new variants spreading across the national territory, including those of the United Kingdom and Brazil which are more contagious, dangerous and deadly, the family’s ability to receive sick numbers and as of yesterday remains critical. It took in 91% of the ICUs, 66% of the beds are activated for Covid and 76% of the fans are in use.

The main hospitals in Greater Santo Domingo were in red, with 100% of the beds occupied and some of which had a very minimum of one bed per center.

The NHS report refers to public network centers, and is highlighted in red, without the availability of admission, ICU or ventilators at the Francisco Moscoso Boilo, Marcelino Feliz Santana and Felix Maria Goico hospitals.

In the case of hospitals, Rodolfo de la Cruz Laura and Santo Socorro had only one bed for Covid admission.

Whereas the National Police Hospital was also crowded with only four beds and none were for ICUs or ventilators. At Cecanot, there are no hospital beds, two ICU beds, but no ventilators.

Plaza de la Salud had five beds to enter, three for an intensive care unit and seven ventilators.

Santo Domingo
Cruz Geminian Clinic is operating at 100% capacity for Covid patients. Hospiten had no beds to admit and only one to the ICU.

In Sidimat 14 beds for income they have five occupancy of 64%; There are three ICU beds available, but 100% of ventilation fans are in use.

Vallesia region
This region, which includes several counties such as Peravia and San Cristobal, where there is a large outbreak of cases and the authorities say that new strains are prevalent, and the main hospitals are working 100%, as in San Cristobal there is Juan Pablo Pena and Raphael Manion, although the first It contains nine intensive care beds and six ventilators.

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In Peravia, the main hospital, Nuestra Senora de Regla, has no admission beds, no intensive care units or ventilators.

Santiago centers
In Santiago, public hospitals have 134 beds for Covid, of which 41 are in use, with a rate of 31%, 309 private centers with 163 beds are available, and for intensive care units, the former occupies 57% and the latter 62%. In contrast, the clinics have 29 respirators, 52% and public centers 9, compared to 44%.

Clinic Corominas has only one entrance bed, an ICU bed, and three ventilators.

The Medical Syndicate clinic has 25 beds, 33 beds are in use; For the ICU, it had one ventilation and zero. In Homs, there are 60 regular beds, 12 intensive care beds, and 11 ventilators.

New cases

1384 injured
The Ministry of Public Health did not report deaths from the Coronavirus this Sunday, but rather recorded 1,384 new cases and an increase in hospitalizations, with intensive care units reaching 71%.

Bulletin # 437 highlights that of 8,734 samples processed over the past 24 hours, 1,384 positive samples were tested, putting daily positivity at 23.33%.

The cumulative number of deaths since Saturday remained at 3,628 cases, and the registered cases rose to 291,910 cases, including 47,289 active cases.

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