Could Miley Alonso leave ‘Celebrity House’ without paying for her ex-boyfriend, Lubio Rivera?

Could Miley Alonso leave ‘Celebrity House’ without paying for her ex-boyfriend, Lubio Rivera?

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Miley Alonso He became a controversial celebrity due to the multiple lawsuits that arose on the one hand due to his divorce with his ex-partner, Lobelo Rivera On the other hand with his ex-partner Daisy Cabral. However, for now, this businesswoman has stopped this mess to live incelebrity house.

On Telemundo’s reality show, the influencer recently revealed that hBought a luxury multi-million dollar home in Beverly Hills, So her ex-boyfriend immediately called Youtube ‘Gossip does not like‘, to prove that Miley Alonso is a liar.

Which is that his ex-partner recently won a lawsuit To breach a contract for $220,000 When this news was revealed, Alonso commented that it was a very small amount and that he would pay it, but months passed and the influencer’s bank accounts were empty and Daisy Cabral was unable to load it.

The reason why Cabral revealed to Javier Cerani and Elisa Berstain that he had decided through a judge to pay the debt, Subsequently Miley Alonso Grab the salary paid for the famous reality show “The House of the Celebrity”.

“I would like him to win so that he can pay me, because he was not able to pay me, so by winning that much I will actually get the money that I didn’t have before, damn I had it, The businesswoman said her daughter would have paid me, well, I don’t think so, if she had had it she would have already paid me and I think if she was on this show, it’s out of necessity.”

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Unfortunately for Daisy Cabral, Monday, May 16, will be the first removal of “The House of the Famous” and among the nominees. Miley Alonso together Laura PozzoTony Costa, Nacho Cassano, Osvaldo Rios and Juan Vidal.

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