Courtney Kardashian shares her wedding photos with Travis Parker

Courtney Kardashian shares her wedding photos with Travis Parker

United States.

Courtney Kardashian I take Las Vegas And this was proved by the fact that the story behind the ceremony in which he got married was published on social networks Travis Parker And incidentally, the first pictures of the emotional moment.

“I saw these photos on my camera roll. Once upon a time in a faraway country (Las Vegas) at 2am, after an epic night and some tequila, a queen and her beautiful king went to the same open church with Elvis and got married (without a license). Training is perfect, “he wrote. Courtney In the post on Instagram.

For its part, Travis He responded with a message in which he wrote only two emojis.

In the pictures, a 46-year-old drummer from the Bling-182 band can be seen holding a bouquet of red roses by a 42-year-old health guru. Behind them, the follower Elvis Presley.

In the following photos, Courtney and TravisWearing black leather look and dark sunglasses, they posed for the camera during the ceremony.

It was recently reported that the couple, who got engaged last October, took advantage of attending this year’s Grammy Awards. Las Vegas, Go to a romantic wedding church and get married.

Courtney and Travis This was followed by a wedding celebration in Las Vegas on Sunday night Villagers”, A source said Entertainment tonight.

“Before the royal wedding it was kind of fun and spontaneous. Travis She thought it would be so much fun and beautiful to be reminded of their relationship this way. Courtney She is so in love Travis And she is ready to do what he wants.

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The source added: “A. Travis He wants to express his love and wants to spend the rest of his life very badly Courtney. She is so happy, she feels this is a completely different world than she was with Scott. They are both very excited to continue celebrating together and celebrating their love with their friends and family. “

Similarly, the media promised that the couple would come to the wedding church at midnight and ask them to follow it. Elvis He wants to marry them.

“The ceremony lasted 10 to 15 minutes, and the couple danced and kissed while exchanging their vows,” the release describes.

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