Criollo Pechu Arrives at Church’s | Present

Criollo Pechu Arrives at Church’s |  Present

The church chain has announced that it will start 2021 with the force of launching what they understand will be a sandwich that will become a classic of the chain, the new Pechu Criollo.

Starting today, the new sandwich can be found at more than 110 chain restaurants on the island. Pechu Criollo is prepared with the new watery Creole bread and with seasoned breast slices breaded in every restaurant before serving directly to guests. In addition to the chest fillet, the sandwich includes romaine lettuce, fresh tomatoes, melted American cheese, and mayonnaise.

“It’s been 30 years since the first chicken sandwich was introduced on our list. It quickly became a favorite and continues on our list today as one of our best items. Other sandwiches have been added to the original chicken sandwich over the years and it’s also a favorite of the chain. Today starts a phase. New in the evolution of church sandwiches, with the arrival of the new Pechu Criollo, Guelmari Sosa, Marketing Director of the chain, commented that it is the taste of good criollo bread that will make it acceptable to our guests, along with the other ingredients of the sandwich.

This new sandwich was developed in Puerto Rico, like most of the products the chain serves locally. Only fresh products are used in their preparation and to ensure their quality and freshness, they are prepared at the time of ordering.

To support the launch, the Pechu Criollo will be offered for a limited time in a bundle with one of any 14 add-ons and Pepsi for $ 5.99.

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