Cristiano Ronaldo: Manchester United top scorer in Tottenham Hotspur

Cristiano Ronaldo: Manchester United top scorer in Tottenham Hotspur

He needed it Manchester United And appeared. Cristiano Ronaldo, With one goal and one assist, led to a mental and key win against Tottenham (0-3) saves the head Ole Gunner Soulscare.

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The Portuguese conceded a goalless draw in four league games, handing the second game on a plate. Edinson Cavani And VAR also canceled the duplication for offside. Cristiano When they celebrated his right he came back and hugged him in the 70th minute and showed his full loyalty to the club and legends he represented.

Competitive is worthy of scrutiny and given only a shimmer of quality Cristiano. The Portuguese did not appear much until the 39th minute. Fantastic center Bruno Fernandez, Tag error Ben Davis And volley from CR7 to the web. The fourth goal in the Premier, without hitting a series run of four league games, broke something else.

The goal provoked the fury of North London as they shouted at their players at half-time and canceled loudly. Lucas Maura This is the first change of the second part.

In the meantime, have Cristiano He had time to take second place on the team with a whip, but at the start of the game he was ahead of the defense. The lineman caught him.

When Tottenham It was with a stupid loss Avoid In the center of the field. He stole her wallet Bruno Fernandez, Which was waiting for the arrival of reinforcements in the three quarters. When it appeared Cristiano, Gave him the ball. He threw a fine and leaked a millimeter pass Kawani Meet Loris And gently tap the ball over the French.

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The mission is over Cristiano, Who went to rest for twenty minutes from the last. Embrace with Soulscare, Small verbal exchange and three points for Old Trafford. Of 0-5 Liverpool It already hurts less.

To rotate success, Marcus Rashford, Which was changed Cristiano, Changed the third after the positive Nemanja Matic Another hole in ‘Spurs’ protection.

The ‘Red Devils’ are fifth in the Europa League with 17 points, while touching Nuno Espirido Santo, Is in eighth place with Tottenham with fifteen units.

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