Cuban banks can issue Russian MIR cards

Cuban banks can issue Russian MIR cards

These days, Russian authorities in that country's national payment card system are in talks with specialists from the Central Bank of Cuba (BCC) to allow the issuance of magnetic cards from the Russian MIR system.

according to Reports From Russia, through TASS, the National Payment Card System is discussing with Cuba the possibility of issuing Mir cards by banks in that country. This was stated by NSPK head Vladimir Komelev in an interview with Russian state media.

We spoke with our Cuban colleagues and discussed the possibility of starting to issue Mir cards in Cuba. They have the RED SA payment system. The technology there is a little different. “But we are also ready to share our standards, formats and systems with them, so that we can also issue smart cards,” Komlev explained.

He explained that Cuba is not the only country with which cooperation is taking place, although it represents a priority for Russia and the island. The Cuban government intends for Russian tourism to be one of the main tourism sectors in the Caribbean country.

“It's too early to say that. We don't like to talk before it happens. Unfortunately, in international development, not much depends on you,” Komlev added.

Russian MIR Cards and Russian tourism in Cuba

Recently, a Russian tourist in Cuba detailed in her travel blog how she was able to stay in a 5-star “all-inclusive” hotel on the island for 16 days. It all happened in the famous resort of Varadero in the west of the island.

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The Russian travel blogger published a blog post recounting her bad experience at an Iberostar hotel in Varadero, Cuba, where she stayed for 16 days.

In her post, the woman offers several tips for Russian travelers so they can “endure” the hotel, as she mentioned that there is excessive pressure to get a tip. According to her, the most appropriate thing is to give “dollars or gifts, but dollars are better.”

“Without tip, you are nobody,” said the tourist forcefully, even if you spent thousands of dollars at a 5-star “all-inclusive” hotel. The treatment varies or does not depend on the money you distribute to employees.

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