Cuban journalist Mario J. Benton says goodbye to American Tiv

Cuban journalist Mario J. Benton says goodbye to American Tiv

CubitaNOW Editorial ~ Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Cuban journalist Mario J. Benton announced today that he has decided to end his work as a correspondent for América Tevé.

The reporter expressed his thanks to the network for the two years of working with them, and commented that now he will have more time to share with his followers.

“Today my tenure at América TeVé ends and other opportunities open up,” he said.

According to what he said, “America Television” made him choose between the work he does as a reporter and the projects he simultaneously promotes on social media, so he decided to stay with his personal platforms.

Benton has become an important communicator for Cubans and specializes in immigration issues, a fact that has gained him thousands upon thousands of followers across social networks.

“Hello Mario, good evening, thank you for choosing me as your followers, you are a great communicator, we are sure that you will not lack offers, God willing”; “You don't need any TV station. You have achieved and will continue to achieve a lot here”; Some of his followers commented: “Mario, wherever you are, you will succeed because you have your own light.”

“One door closes and thousands open”; “Greetings, Mario and Attorney Gallardo. Thanks for keeping us informed. Excellent job they do. Others added: “Thousands of blessings to you, and may God bring you beautiful things in 2024.”

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